Hidden Hearing Audiologist wins “Irish Audiologist of the Year”


Yvonne Doyle, Hidden Hearing Audiologist, has been announced as the 2017 'Irish Audiologist of the Year.

The competition is organised by leading hearing aid battery manufacturer Rayovac, a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc., who this year welcomed a new sponsor, The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH), on board, joining longstanding partners Audio Infos, and the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA). The competition relies on nominations from patients who have experienced exceptional care from their audiologist.

Yvonne Doyle was nominated by Robin, her patient who had suffered from hearing loss all his life. Robin describes how socialising was difficult because of crowd noise and he wasn’t able to listen to the radio and the classical music he used to love.

In his entry, he describes how Yvonne transformed his hearing, prescribing new hearing aids which re-educated his left ear and restored stereo sound in his right ear. In his entry, he praises Yvonne as being clear, calming and covering detail in the way of a complete and consummate professional, no matter his moans and groans about being hard of hearing.

In his heart-warming nomination for Yvonne, Robin said: “Yvonne impressed me from the start. She radiates warmth, empathy, genuineness and always shows positive regard for me as a patient. After thorough consultations with Yvonne and the prescription of new hearing aids, I am transformed.

“I now have very comfortable and powerful hearing aids, sleek and well-fitted. I can hear the birds in our garden. I am so ‘back in the moment’ that I am smiling to myself. It’s a great, uplifting experience to have the details back in my life, my hobbies, the sounds of my cat, all the minutiae which make up normal life.

“If Yvonne hadn’t thoroughly reassessed me and patiently worked with me to provide two smoothly fitted hearing aids, I would never have experienced such a refreshing return to a state in which I know exactly what’s going on around me! She has impressed me so much with her calm demeanour and I now regard her as a friend.”

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