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Hidden Hearing has thousands of customers. Although they come from all walks of life and different ages, they all have one thing in common; a positive attitude and a desire to get the most out of life through improved hearing.

Leading figures from the world of business (Aviation businessman Ulick McEvaddy), entertainment (Dickie Rock) and politics (well-known Westmeath Cllr Dan McCarthy) choose Hidden Hearing as their hearing healthcare provider.

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"The staff in the Artane branch are fantastic. Nothing is any trouble to them. Anita is terrific she is so caring, friendly and helpful. She is an asset to Hidden Hearing."

Therese Kenny, Dublin


"Before I got my hearing aids, I thought I could hear ok. Now it’s a totally different world."

Mr James Thompson, Bangor


“I didn’t even think I had a hearing problem and yet this is the best money I’ve spent in a long time”

Fr John O’Brien, Dublin


"I am no longer embarrassed in company, people do not see my hearing aids straight away which makes them easier. Cost is prohibitive but worth it in long run."

Patrick Goggin, Cork


"I have got a new quality of life since getting my hearing aids. I would express to people not to wait as long as I did."

Norma Fogarty, Limerick


"My hearing has been bad for as long as I can remember but I never got round to dealing with it.  It came to a point where I was beginning to withdraw from social situations so I knew I had to do something.  Since being fitted I realise now what I was missing out on!   My world was so quiet and I thought that was normal!  I am so happy now I cannot tell you!  I am going out more, I don’t have to concentrate so much in social situations and no more subtitles!!! My friends and family can see a huge difference in me! For anyone that may think they have a hearing loss, don’t wait, put yourself first and get tested by the amazing people at Hidden Hearing.  You really won’t regret it.  I cannot emphasise enough the positive impact this has had on my life."

Lidia Notaro, Wicklow


"A friend recommended that I go to Hidden Hearing and when I rang for my first appointment this was the minute I started to reclaim my life. There was so many things I was missing out on– things my kids were saying to me and each other, Conversations with my family and friends that I was missing out on, watching TV, even simple things like hearing the birds sing in the garden. All this seems trivial I am sure when you have your full hearing but believe you me this can be a lonely and daunting place when it’s you that is experiencing it.

[Hidden hearings devices are so small and discreet nobody even knows that I am wearing them. My friends didn’t notice, my colleagues didn’t notice and my hockey team didn’t notice!] This has really helped me to accept my reality but in addition to this has returned me to the fullness of life that I knew and lived before this happened to me.  

Looking back on my journey with Hidden Hearing, wearing my hearing aids is just like putting on a jacket and heading out into the world."

Joseph Farrell, Meath


"I found the procedure very professional. I was worried before my appointment as I’ve gotten this procedure done before elsewhere and found it painful. I didn’t feel any pain during my procedure with my Ear Wax Removal Specialist Barry Humphreys from Hidden Hearing and felt very welcome and comfortable in the appointment”

Charlie Nash  - Boxer – Co Derry


"About 10 years ago, Stan was encouraged to check his hearing after his daughter jokingly asked him on a number of occasions “are you deaf or stupid?” Stan sought help from Hidden Hearing and hasn’t looked back since.  His mindset is something is either right or wrong and if something is going to help you, then that’s right. Stan now enjoys socialising with friends."

Stan Kiely, Waterford


"I am home about two hours and I am telling everyone to stop shouting, turn down that T.V. And never realised how much noise is all around me!  These hearing aids are INCREDIBLE. I love them and certainly will wear them every day."

Ann Thuillier, Limerick


“I was aware I had a hearing problem, but I didn’t want to wear anything on the back of my ears as I was losing my hair at the same time. I work in Dublin Airport dealing with the public and I was aware that I just could not hear people. I have not looked back since I got my hearing aids, I cannot live without them now. I am hearing sounds I haven’t heard in years, the car indicators and the dog scraping the back door. I would highly recommend Hidden Hearing”

Frank Weafer


Robin Atkinson, Waterford

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