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Hidden Hearing Continues to Grow as Ireland's Most Trusted Hearing Care Provider

This year Hidden Hearing asked Behaviour & Attitudes, Ireland's largest independent market research company, to conduct a survey on awareness and the level of trust that people have towards the Hidden Hearing brand.

The survey revealed that two in five adults over 50 spontaneously mentioned Hidden Hearing when asked to recall a hearing aid provider. This represents a significant increase in survey results. Close to three quarters of the respondents recalled Hidden Hearing when prompted.

Awareness for Hidden Hearing was the highest across all profiles and it continues to have the strongest brand associations over other hearing healthcare providers.

Who do you consider Hearing Aid Experts?
First place – Hidden Hearing

Who do you trust to provide the best treatment?
First place – Hidden Hearing

What company is the hearing care provider for you?
First place – Hidden Hearing

About the research:
The research for Hidden Hearing focused exclusively on a national sample of those aged 50 years+, delivering a final sample of 384 from a starting base of 1000 right across the country. All interviewing operates to European Research standards and no assistance is provided when the respondent is answering questions. This ensures that everyone in the sample is asked the same question in exactly the same way, meaning there can be no confusion over interpretation.

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