5 Famous Celebrities With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often feels like a hidden disability, as we do not often see famous people with the condition. However, there are many celebrities who have hearing loss and if they are open about their experiences, this can have a very positive effect on the perception of hearing loss by the general public.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we work with people of all ages to find personalised solutions to hearing loss. The best options for you will depend on the type of hearing loss you are experiencing and the severity of it, as well as your lifestyle and preferences. There are several types of hearing aid, for example, that offer additional functions such as bluetooth connectivity and streaming, which are very useful for some people

Celebrities Who Have Hearing Loss

 There are many famous names who are happy to talk about their hearing loss, and especially to warn others to protect their hearing while they can. These include:

  • Roger Daltrey. Years of exposure to loud music while playing with The Who has left Roger Daltrey with severe hearing loss, and he advises young people to always wear earplugs to gigs. Daltrey’s bandmate, Pete Townsend, has also spoken out about his hearing loss and tinnitus. Loud noise exposure is one of the most significant reasons for developing hearing loss, and it’s the easiest to prevent by protecting your ears in noisy environments.
  • Eric Clapton. Another musical hero with hearing loss is Eric Clapton, who also suffers with tinnitus. Wearing ear defenders or ear plugs is the best way to protect your ears against loud noise exposure, including loud music and power tools.
  • Halle Berry. Halle Berry lost 80 percent of her hearing in her left ear after she was attacked by a partner twenty years ago. She openly discusses her hearing loss and her experience of domestic violence in order to raise awareness and help others in similar situations.
  • Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg, Academy Award winner, is open about her hearing loss and believes it is a result of many years spent listening to loud music. Goldberg wears hearing aids and advises anyone who notices hearing loss developing to seek help as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration.
  • Jodie Foster. The world renowned actress, Jodie Foster, recently discussed her struggles with hearing loss and vertigo with a reporter, and has been seen wearing a hearing aid in public.

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