Living With Hearing Loss: Tips For Better Communication

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Enda Dooley

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
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Communication can be more difficult than usual if you have hearing loss, but there are many things you can do to improve the experience. Of course, it helps if you are communicating with someone who understands hearing loss and ensures that he or she speaks clearly and faces you to help you to hear. However, it is possible for you to take steps to make the conversation easier as well, and you can find our top tips below.

Communicate Better When You Have Hearing Loss:

Here at Hidden Hearing, we know how challenging daily life can be when you have hearing loss. Part of our role is to work with our clients to help them find better ways to manage their daily lives, as well as finding the best hearing solutions, such as hearing aids, for them. Try the following ideas to see if they help you to communicate better.

1. Wear your hearing aids: Finding the right hearing aids can enable you to achieve a good hearing experience and participate in all of the activities you enjoy. Most people find that they get the best results by wearing their hearing aids at all times, and you should be able to adjust the devices to cope with different levels of background noise in different locations.

2. Be open about hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, talking about it is the best way to improve things for yourself and for others in the same situation. Telling people that you have hearing loss as soon as you meet them can be helpful, enabling them to speak clearly and to be aware that you may not hear them accurately at all times. If you are in a lesson or a meeting situation, it is especially important to alert others to your condition to make participation easier for you.

3. Offer useful tips to others. When you’re talking to others, they will usually be very pleased to make alterations to their behaviour to help you to hear them better. If you find that it helps to be in a well lit area or to face the person you are speaking to, mention these things during your conversation and the whole process should become much easier. It can feel nerve-racking to say these things at first, but with practice you will discover that people are only too happy to help.

4. Pay attention to context. Sometimes you do not need to understand every word that someone says to enjoy a conversation with them, especially if you understand the context. If you are up to date with current news and local interest stories, you are much more likely to be able to follow conversations on these topics even if you do not hear everything clearly, so it can be very helpful to educate yourself on context, especially if you are travelling to new areas.

5. Look for clues. It is not essential that you hear every word of a sentence in most situations, because you are likely to be able to piece together the meaning from the bits you did hear. Take your time to process what you have heard before asking for repetition, and remember that it is ok to ask for clarification.

6. Show, don’t tell. Asking someone to repeat themselves over and over again can be frustrating for both of you, but simple, non-verbal reminders of your hearing loss, such as leaning in to hear better, or placing your hand behind your ear, can be very useful signals.

7. Keep your sense of humour. Hearing loss can lead to many misunderstandings and frustrations, but being able to laugh off most of these problems can make them much less stressful. Try not to take life too seriously, especially when conversing with children, and you may find that living with hearing loss is more fun than you had expected.

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Living With Hearing Loss: Tips For Better Communication
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Living With Hearing Loss: Tips For Better Communication
Communication can be more difficult than usual if you have hearing loss, but there are many things you can do to improve the experience.
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Hidden Hearing
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