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Our vision: We want to help more people hear better

We do not believe in quick fixes and one-size-fits-all solutions. Rather, we pay close attention to every client’s specific needs. We focus not only on our clients' ears but also on their wants, needs, and motivations.


From the very first time a client calls or visits our clinic, we offer personalised care. We embrace the latest and best technology to make life easier for our clients. And we do our utmost to ensure that every person reaches his or her full hearing potential.

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You lose your hearing without noticing it.

White screen with text: What happens at the clinic.


From booking an appointment to getting a hearing aid

So, no one is telling you that you are losing it. You do not know what you cannot hear. So, my job is trying to help them through that process, make them feel comfortable. Do not make them feel like there is something medically wrong with them and make them understand that they are the same as everyone else around them, but they have made the right decision to come and talk to a professional and get the right advice

Zoom in: the audiologist is sitting in the clinic and talking.

They come down and they are welcomed. We have some amazing branch coordinators and receptionists.

Elderly couple entering an Audika clinic and being welcomed by a receptionist.

I do not want them to feel like they are going into the dentist surgery or something that is scary.

This is not a scary process; this is just a way of understanding what is going on with you.

People are suddenly becoming aware that hearing loss is normal and natural. So, what do I do about it? I go and see someone in Audika

The woman checks in for her appointment at the reception and is guided into the waiting room.

And then I hope when they meet me for the first time, they feel “oh, that is not too scary.”

The audiologist greets the client and spouse and shows them to his office.

And I then make a big job of making them feel comfortable with me and settle them down.

I do not leap in and start putting stuff into their ears, but I talk to them and get to know them

Close up clip of the audiologist sitting in the clinic and talking.

I then try to explain what I am going to do.

Firstly, just checking their general health because that is very important as well.

Poor health will have an effect on your hearing.

The audiologist is checking the client’s medical records on a tablet.

I then basically explain how your hearing works. Remembering very simply that the ears are a transportation system

The audiologist uses a model of an ear to explain how we hear.

So, we go through checking that their ears are doing their job. And then in that process I will get some pointers to where I need to look a little bit more thoroughly

The audiologist checks the client’s ear.

And then we will do a slightly more scientific test, just to check each ear individually and see what the brain is hearing independently

The audiologist performs a hearing test to check the client’s hearing.


At that point I then graphically explain it to them. This is what your hearing is and why you are not hearing whatever you have explained.

So, it is a very simple picture for them to look at and think “ah, yes of course that makes sense.”

The audiologist explains graphical findings on the hearing tests.

And we can then talk about the solution that fits that particular need

The audiologist presents various hearing aids to the client.

I will demonstrate the hearing aids to them. Give them the chance to compare before and after. So, we do a little word test. How you are hearing before, how you are hearing after. And the gain that comes from the spouse being there because that is the most crucial voice.



The client is fitted with a pair of hearing aids and engages in a conversation with the audiologist and the spouse.

And at that point they can make that informed decision: Yes, that is going to make massive changes to my life.


You put it in your years, wear it all day, every day without fail. Your brain will become retrained and you will start to hear better.

That is all we need to worry about. What we will do is to see you regularly in the future. Service them, check that they are working. If at any point you have a problem or are noticing a change in your hearing, you come straight back to us and we find out why it did.


The testing of your hearing is vital because it gives a benchmark of where you are today, and we will test it again in the future. So, if there is a change naturally in your hearing, which there will be, we can see that and reprogram the hearing aids, so they become a long-term solution to your problem and something you do not have to worry about.

Close up clip of the audiologist sitting in the clinic and talking

There is really no need for button pressing nor controlling them anymore. They do it all for you. They adapt. But we are there if you need us.

The audiologist shows the client out of the clinic.


The elderly couple walks out of the clinic into the street.


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