Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards 2023

After our nationwide search for everyday heroes we couldn't be happier to recognise the people that overcame adversities and thank them for going above and beyond when it comes to helping others.

On October 11th, our Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards were back for their 12th year. The 2023 awards were open to everyone, young and old, from all walks of life, and with or without a hearing impairment. This year the awards welcomed three new categories – the Diversity Award, the Sustainability Award and the Immigrant Hero Award.

The Diversity Award recognised those people supporting a more inclusive society, while the Sustainability Award will recognised support for social, environmental or economic programmes designed to achieve sustainable communities.

The Immigrant Hero Award is another exciting new category which has been created to celebrate and honour non-nationals living in Ireland who are making a positive difference in their own community.

Other nomination categories include ‘Age Is No Barrier’, a Young Hero, ‘Triumph over Adversity’ Hero, Healthcare Hero and Charity Hero, with award categories also recognising those with Impaired Hearing, Family Heroes and a Sporting Hero.

Learn more about some of our incredible heroes that took part in this prestigious national event!

Award Categories & Winners:

Young Hero - Mia Tiernan
Sporting Hero - James Poland
Family Heroes - The Phelans
Age is no Barrier - Mary Whiston 
Charity Hero - Jerh O'Donoghue
Immigrant Hero - Dylan Rebello
Diversity Hero - Jonathan Dillon
Sustainability Hero - Trish O'Neill
Healthcare Hero - Dr. Philip Aherne
Hard of Hearing Hero - Kevin Quaid
Triumph over Adversity - Elaine Taylor

 More about the winners


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