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Hidden Hearing Care Promise

We understand this is a difficult time for people and we want to support you in the best way that we can. With this in mind, we have set up several care initiatives, as well as some enjoyable content, that we hope you’ll find useful. Our mission is to always deliver on our care promise and provide the best hearing healthcare we can for you.

Clinic Opening Hours

The audiology sector has been included within the definition of an ‘essential retail service’ by the Irish government, but with the safety of our patients and staff in mind, we have limited the opening hours of our clinics.

I need to see an audiologist urgently – how can I book an appointment?

We are running a reduced service on Tuesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 10am – 12pm. If you need a service appointment urgently, please call us on 1800 66 77 11 and we will do our best to accommodate you. We have experts on hand to answer any queries on your hearing health. Depending on your circumstances, we may be able to book you in for a brief screening in one of our clinics.

Free Batteries

We know that running out of batteries could be a big worry for you at present, so we have extended our battery service. As part of our care package, we are posting out free batteries for all hearing aid users. To get your free batteries, freephone our helpline 1800 370 000 or email


button batteries


What do I do if I have a build-up of wax in my ears?

Our wax clinics are currently closed, but If you would like to arrange a call with one of our earwax specialists, or if you would simply like to ask us a question about your earwax build-up, click the button below and we will arrange a call back within two hours.


Wax Button


In the meantime, our wax specialists have put together the following tips:

  • Do not insert anything into your ear (pens, hairgrips, cotton buds, spectacle arms, etc.)
  • Do not use any fluid-based solutions (unless approved by a suitably qualified specialist)
  • Do not attempt any other “home solutions” (candling, etc.)
  • If you are experiencing pain in your ear, seek medical advice.

What do I do if I need to send my hearing aid for repair?

If your hearing aid needs repair, call us on 1800 66 77 11 and we will be able to accommodate you.

I need replacement accessories – how do I order more?

Please email us on and we will process your request.

Hearing Aid Guide and Maintenance

The following videos are here to help you.
Follow our step-by-step video tutorials to help maintain your hearing.



Where can I get further advice on my hearing?

Our website contains a wealth of advice on how to get the very best out of your hearing. Read leading professional advice about all matters relating to hearing and watch videos from experts and advice from our customers who have looked after their hearing.

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