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You can book a quick and easy ear wax removal service with the team at Hidden Hearing. Until now earwax removal options have been expensive, but Hidden Hearing offers an affordable solution. While ear wax is perfectly natural, if you have an excessive build-up of ear wax, you may experience symptoms such as fullness in the ear, tinnitus & hearing loss. In many cases, the issue will not be hearing loss related, but simply a build-up of too much earwax, however, if this build-up of ear wax is left untreated your hearing could suffer. The safest way to deal with ear wax build-up is to see a professional and the team at Hidden Hearing is here to help you remove it. 

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How much is an ear wax removal consultation?

Our earwax consultation and earwax removal fee is €70 for both. Your wax consultation fee of €70 covers the discussion, assessment by screening, removal of any wax (whether present or not), video otoscopy, a general ear health check-up, and any advice needed. At Hidden Hearing, we use all the latest technology with best practice in ear irrigation and micro suction, as appropriate.

Your Hearing and Safety Are Our Top Priorities

We take safety extremely seriously and we pride ourselves on being the safest hearing healthcare company in Ireland. We have taken these steps to look after the health and safety of our patients and staff, so we ask you to adhere to these procedures as we work together to stay safe and continue to flatten the curve.
Our employees have gone through extensive training on these safety procedures and can ensure you a safe and comfortable visit.

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Ear Wax Softeners & Sprays


A pharmaceutical grade olive oil which can be used to soften earwax – 10ml



Micro-suction is the safest and quickest method of earwax removal, also used to safely remove foreign bodies present in the ear canal.

"Wax is basically a self-cleaning service for our ears and protects the sensitive ear canal from things like bacteria and debris that can cause infections. Never put anything in your ear yourself, and, if you are bothered by the feeling of a blockage, just see your GP or a hearing specialist" advises, Hidden Hearing, Yvonne Doyle, Audiologist of the Year.


Ear Irrigation

This is a procedure where water at body temperature is injected into the ear by the irrigator, which controls the water pressure, to ensure that the ear can’t be damaged. Under the gentle force of the water, the earwax is softened, dislodged and the wax is carried out of the ear.

As well as being fully qualified, our Audiologists receive additional specialist training in both Ear Irrigation and 'Dry Mopping' (keeping the discharging ear dry) from Aston University Birmingham & Newcastle University.

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Ear Cleaning

Since earwax is necessary, you shouldn’t clean it too much – you simply don’t need to. However, you can wipe away any visible excess earwax using a wet cloth. But ... do not use cotton buds.

Cotton buds are a bad idea. They may look soft, but they are made from artificial fibres that can scratch and inflame the sensitive skin inside the ear canal, leaving it open to infections.
If you think you have a blockage in your ear canal or think you are experiencing excessive earwax, then you need to consult a hearing care expert for specialist cleaning. 


Ear Syringing

The traditional method of ear wax removal that you or your family might have experienced many years ago was “Syringing” this was a high pressure method that could lead to some complications. Today modern technology has now outdated and replaced this procedure. At Hidden Hearing, we only use the latest technology and clinical protocols to give you the best outcomes. We have never nor will we ever use the ear syringing method because of the issues that might arise.



How often should I have wax removed?

As often as you need to. Every patient is different. Some patients require an annual consultation, some bi-monthly


What can I do to maintain the wax?

We may recommend the use of an olive oil drop periodically depending on how often we may need to see you. We may advise you to avoid touching your ears

What causes the wax to build up?

There are many causes of ear wax;

  • Using in ear listening devices or ear plugs
  • Dusty or humid work or living conditions
  • Excessive activity or use of Q-tips in the ear canal


Can you remove impacted ear wax at home?

Not recommended. To treat earwax safely we recommend that you see a healthcare professional who is experienced in removing ear wax. The ear wax specialist can obtain the case history and then examine the outer ear, the ear canal and the ear wax to decide the best course of treatment to safely remove it. Dry micro suction, Irrigation, or special probes can be used usually after a few days using wax softener.


How do you know if you have earwax build-up?

Symptoms can include difficulty hearing, a feeling of fullness in the ear, tinnitus, or discomfort in the ear. Have an audiologist or a health care professional examine your ears.


Why do I have so much ear wax all of a sudden?

As we go through life, things can change including a higher production of ear wax. Have a professional advise you on managing your ear wax better.


Does ear wax removal hurt?

Ear wax removal should never hurt. People should go to and see a dedicated and experienced ear wax removal technician who will help them have the wax removed using the most up to date technology which gives just a mild sensation in the ear.


Are you supposed to clean out ear wax?

No. Normally it comes out itself naturally. Never insert anything into the ear canal. However, if there is a wax blockage have it treated by a professional.


How do I know if I need to get my ears cleaned?

If you experience difficulty hearing, a sensation of fullness or discomfort in the ear, or tinnitus, in the ear have an audiologist or other healthcare professional examine your ears.



An appointment is necessary. Our earwax consultation and earwax removal fee is €70 for both. Your wax consultation fee of €70 covers the discussion, assessment by screening, removal of any wax (whether present or not), video otoscopy and a general ear health check-up, and advise accordingly. At Hidden Hearing we use all the latest technology with best practice in Micro Irrigation and Micro Suction, as appropriate. The charge is effective 8th June. Payment must be taken be a credit card only.

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