Hidden Hearing 90 Day Moneyback Terms & Conditions

Supply of Hearing Aids If you are not satisfied with the hearing aid you may return it to us within 90 days of its delivery to you and tell us in writing that you wish to cancel the contract. Provided that the hearing aid has not been damaged whilst you have had it, we shall refund to you the purchase price. If it has been significantly damaged whilst in your possession, then we shall refund to you a fair proportion of the purchase price after taking into account the amount of damage.

If you choose not to exercise your right to return the Hearing Aids to Us (or fail to do so) within 90 days of delivery, You shall be deemed satisfied with them and accept that they are in all respects fit for purpose and of merchantable quality. In the event that your Hearing Aid requires to be replaced either because you have returned it to Us within 90 days of Delivery or as part of Our after-care service, You will again have the right to return that replacement Hearing Aid within 90 days of its delivery to You.