Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials
Average rating for Our Testimonials, Hidden Hearing - we listen, you hear is 5 Star of 5 stars - based on 135 Reviews

Seamus Conlon, Artane

My Hearing is Excellent


“I’ve had a hearing problem since I was from about 20 years of age. I came to Hidden Hearing and haven’t looked back since. My hearing is excellent”                                         ...

Aidan Seville, Artane

The Change was Unbelievable


“My hearing was desperate. Once I got my hearing aids, the change was unbelievable”                                                           ...

Sarah Kennedy, Artane

I’d Recommend Hidden Hearing to Everybody


“My hearing was very bad, I’d recommend Hidden Hearing to everybody”                                                                 ...

Stephanie Maher, Artane

I Did Have Hearing Aids Before, But They Never Worked


“It’s been brilliant, totally changed my life. With friends and family and especially the grandchildren. They used to shout at me. They said I wasn’t listening to them. So that’s all changed”

Frank Hanlon, Artane

I’d Highly Recommend the Staff in Hidden Hearing


“My hearing was very bad before I came in. I’d recommend Hidden Hearing to an awful lot of people now including my brothers and sisters.

Dermot Carew, Artane

The After Sales Service is Brilliant


"I got the hearing aids and they are absolutely fantastic and the after sales service is brilliant. I wear them all day every day and just take them out at night and they are absolutely brilliant"

Robert Collins, Artane

You are Always Welcome


"Now it's very good, no problems. I was watching telly now and all is no problem. I can hear now and its great. Anytime I come up you are always welcome and they fix you up and I've no problems at all"

Denis Henderson, Artane

They Just Couldn't Do Enough For Me


"The hearing aids are really good and its given my hearing a new lease of life. Whenever I come in to the clinic its like meeting old friends and they just couldn't do enough for me"

Victor Flynn, Artane

I Can Hear Every Word That’s Going On. Things Are Brilliant Now. I Feel Fantastic With It


"Since I got the hearing aids I can't believe the difference. I'm now turning the telly down. Absolutely, the clarity now at mass on Sunday, I can hear every word thats going on.....Things are brilliant now. I feel fantastic with it."

Helen and Liam Murphy

It’s Life Changing


“I couldn’t hear my husband talking to me, I couldn’t hear my grandchildren. The television was so loud the walls were practically vibrating. It’s life changing there’s no doubt about it. If we’d known we should have done it earlier. You don’t realise until you try it."

Dr Michael Walsh, Wexford

I Would Very Much Like to Express my Appreciation


"I would very much like to express my appreciation of the treatment and service which I have received since my introduction to your company in the spring of 2017. In April 2017, I had noticed that my hearing had diminished and was beginning to become a problem. I availed of the offer of a free...

Mr Jack Porter. Donegal

Changed my Life for the Better


"Changed my life for the better. I am more sociable. It’s brilliant to be able to hear again."                                                         ...

Mr Ignatius McCusker, Tyrone

Very Helpful and Patient. 10/10


The audiologist, Paul O’Hara was very helpful and patient. 10/10.                                                                 ...

Mr James Moore, Artane

All my Questions Answered


"Very happy with full service received friendly & professional staff. All my questions answered, and everything explained perfectly." 

Billy Horrigan, Galway

My Life has Changed


"My life has changed since I got my hearing aid. I now can hear everything. I don’t have to exclude myself from the crowds & conversations." 

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