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Mrs Rosaleen Cummins, Raheny

I will definitely tell people about them


“I found Hidden Hearing very prompt in answering phone calls and very kind, caring and helpful. I will definitely tell people about them.”

Mrs Pauline Mullen, Balbriggan

I can hear everything


“I am very satisfied with my hearing aids. I can hear everything – (even) things I could never hear!”

Mrs Angela O’Mara, Malahide

Thank you for giving me back my hearing


"Thank you for giving me back my hearing. It’s just unbelievable, my TV is now five times lower than before. I’m now hearing things I haven’t heard for many years."

 Mr Pat Kiernan, Meath

It is great to have my Hearing back


“Everything was wonderful. It is great to have my hearing back, it makes such a difference

Mrs Mary Gargan, Navan

Completely changed my interaction with people for the better


“My new hearing aids have completely changed my interaction with people for the better.”

Mr Paddy Mcquillan, Drogheda

My audiologist put me at ease


"My audiologist put me at ease, as I was very nervous and I can honestly say that going to Hidden Hearing has greatly improved my quality of life. Thank you."

Timothy Hedderman, Limerick

Made me very comfortable


"Made me very comfortable, very easy for me to ask questions. Very good. No fault to find so far. Thank you so much."

June Noonan, Clare

Best thing I ever did getting my hearing aid


"My hearing aid has given me a new lease of life. I now am comfortable in crowds and can hear what people are talking about. Best thing I ever did getting my hearing aid"

Samantha Britton, Armagh

Highly recommend


"My audiologist, Richard Baxter was very knowledgeable & helpful. He was able to tell me what caused my haring loss & gave me a break down with examples. Highly recommend"

James Hogg, Down

Excellent service


"I was treated by Dermot O’Reilly. He was very professional and easy to talk to. Excellent service, couldn’t have met a nicer man"

Margaret Ervine, Down

Would recommend Hidden Hearing to anyone


"I found the audiologist very helpful and courteous and would recommend Hidden Hearing to anyone"

Peter McCuster, Fermanagh

Welcome Back World


"I’m very happy with my hearing aids. All I can say is ‘welcome back world" Peter McCuster, Fermanagh

Frank Weafer

I am Hearing Sounds I Haven’t Heard in Years


“I was aware I had a hearing problem, but I didn’t want to wear anything on the back of my ears as I was losing my hair at the same time. I work in Dublin Airport dealing with the public and I was aware that I just could not hear people. I have not looked back since I got my hearing aids, I cannot...

Ann Thuillier, Limerick

These hearing aids are INCREDIBLE


"I am home about two hours and I am telling everyone to stop shouting, turn down that T.V. And never realised how much noise is all around me!  These hearing aids are INCREDIBLE. I love them and certainly will wear them every day."

Stan Kiely, Waterford

Haven't Looked Back Since


"About 10 years ago, Stan was encouraged to check his hearing after his daughter jokingly asked him on a number of occasions “are you deaf or stupid?” Stan sought help from Hidden Hearing and hasn’t looked back since.  His mindset is something is either right or wrong and if something is...

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