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Oticon hearing instruments with BrainHearing™ technology are designed for your brain, supporting the hard work it does. BrainHearing™ helps you hear better, with less effort so you can participate more actively in life.

There are two types of sound processing technology that may be used in hearing aids: analogue and digital technology. In all hearing aids, sounds are detected by a microphone, processed and amplified, and delivered to a loudspeaker or receiver.

Amplified sound output is sent directly to your ear canal, either through tubing to an ear mould and then into the ear canal, or through a thin wire to a receiver, which is worn inside the ear.

Analogue Hearing Aids

Sounds are processed as electrical signals by a microphone within an analogue hearing aid device. The sound is registered and you receive an impression, or picture of it. The original sound is copied by the processor, which means that the sound can deteriorate as it is processed and it is only possible to improve sounds to a certain extent.

Digital Hearing Aids

Digital hearing aids convert the acoustic signal into digits and process these, before converting them back into analogue acoustic signals for the listener. A digital signal does not deteriorate or wear out, so can be duplicated endlessly without any negative effect on the quality of the sound.

The newest technology uses wireless communication to process sounds and produce clearer speech and sound quality, while also allowing you to listen more easily and to connect to mobile phones and MP3 players.

What Can Hearing Aid Technology Do For You?

Hidden Hearing will work with you to find the best system to suit you and your lifestyle, but you can be assured that the best hearing aid technology available to you will allow you to:

  • Hear speech more clearly, even in noisy surroundings
  • Locate the sources of sound so you know where to focus your attention
  • Focus on the most important sounds more easily
  • Organise sounds you hear and feel more comfortable in your environment

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