Safety At Our Clinics

Your hearing and safety are our top priorities.

We take safety extremely seriously and we pride ourselves on being the safest hearing healthcare company in Ireland. We have taken these steps to look after the health and safety of our patients and staff, so we ask you to adhere to these procedures as we work together to stay safe and continue to flatten the curve.

We continue to build on a solid foundation of providing a safe environment established for over 30 years and we strictly comply with the safety procedures and best practice infection control protocols as outlined by the Department of Health.

Our employees have gone through extensive training on these safety procedures and can ensure you a safe and comfortable visit.

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Our clinics are ready to help you:

Together we will find a solution that suits your hearing care needs, whether it is an in-person consultation or a phone call with one of our experts.
We are currently experiencing high volumes of customer requests and are doing all we can to handle all customer needs as soon as possible.


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Hidden Hearing is here to support your needs:

  • We know that our customers rely on our hearing care services, and our clinics are open and ready to support you.

  • We are ensuring the highest level of safety in our clinics to provide our customers with the same level of high-quality hearing care.

  • Personal video consultation with a hearing aid expert from your own home.

  • Hearing aid adjustments and fine-tuning.

  • Save time travelling to and from the hearing care clinic.


Download Our Safety Brochure

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