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Bluetooth® hearing aids

Hearing aids with Bluetooth® allow you to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone, tablet, and television so that you can stream sound directly into your hearing aids. Contact us for your hearing aid trial with a 90-day money back guarantee.

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5 ways Bluetooth® hearing aids make life easier

Bluetooth® hearing aids can be used for many activities by connecting remotely to the devices mentioned below, turning your hearing aids into a wireless headset.

  1. Hear phone conversations more clearly
  2. Listen to your favorite TV programme at your own chosen volume setting
  3. Listen to music and podcasts on your hearing aids
  4. Enjoy better sound quality on video chats and TV programmes
  5. Benefit from phone apps designed for Bluetooth® hearing aids

Scroll down to read more about each advantage below.

Hearing aid types

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1. Bluetooth® hearing aids allow you to hear phone conversations more clearly

By connecting your hearing aid to your smartphone via Bluetooth®, the sounds from your phone conversations will be sent directly through your Bluetooth hearing aids. This means that you don't have to strain to hear what’s being said through the phone receiver.

Many hearing aid manufacturers have partnered with Apple to make iPhones more compatible with hearing aids. This means that your hearing aids can connect directly to your chosen Apple device. 

How to receive calls from an iPhone (video)

Most Android devices, on the other hand, require a “streamer” which functions as an intermediate device to facilitate communication between the Bluetooth® hearing aids and the device.

Learn more about Oticon’s streamer device (ConnectClip)

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2. Listen to your favorite TV programme at your own chosen volume setting

Have you ever asked your friends to turn up the volume on the television because you couldn’t hear?

With Bluetooth® hearing aids, you can wirelessly connect to the television. This way you can watch the programme at your own preferred volume, while your family members can enjoy their preferred volume setting on the TV. Finally – a solution that works well for everyone.

You will need a TV Adaptor to connect your hearing aids wirelessly to your TV. 
Learn more about the Oticon TV Adaptor

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3. Hearing aids with Bluetooth® can be used instead of headphones to listen to music and podcasts

There’s no need to swap out your hearing aids for headphones any longer. With Bluetooth® hearing aids you can connect wirelessly to your favorite playlist or podcast. This way your Bluetooth® hearing aids can function as high-quality headphones. 

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4. Enjoy better sound quality in video chats and TV programmes

You can use your Bluetooth® hearing aids to stay in touch with loved ones via video chat. This convenience allows you to hear the conversations directly through your hearing aids. You no longer have to struggle to hear the sounds of the chat through the computer speaker since the sound (i.e. your relative’s voice or laugh) is streamed to your Bluetooth® hearing aids. You can also enjoy your favorite videos and TV programs by streaming the audio in the same way.

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How do Bluetooth® hearing aids work?

Bluetooth® is a wireless communication technology which allows for the transfer of data between two or more small electronic devices (without the use of cords). Works up to 10 meters or less.

Hearing aid accessories

5. Make your life easier with phone apps designed for Bluetooth® hearing aids

There are a selection of smartphone apps available which allow you to perform hearing aid related tasks.

An example of an app that can make life with hearing aids easier is the Oticon ON app that allows you to do the following:

  • Connect your hearing aids to smart devices in your home via the IFTTT system.
  • Adjust the volume on your Bluetooth® hearing aids.
  • Change the pre-set programs in your Bluetooth® hearing aids.
  • Find your hearing aids using a hearing aid locater.

Another example is the Oticon RemoteCare app. It allows you to have a remote consultation with your hearing care expert. This means that you can connect remotely to your hearing care expert for follow-up appointments (through the app's video and audio capabilities). If needed, your hearing care expert can also adjust your hearing aids remotely through the app.

Digital hearing aids

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