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90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

At Hidden Hearing, we believe in your satisfaction with our hearing aids. That's why when we fit you with our devices, you have a generous 90-day trial period to evaluate their impact on your hearing health and daily life. If within this time frame you find yourself unsatisfied, simply return the hearing aids to our clinic, and we'll gladly provide you with a full refund.

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We are here to help you make your hearing aids more affordable

Important healthcare decisions should not be determined by cost, and hearing aids can be expensive. Thankfully, the Department of Social Protection Treatment Benefit Scheme contributes to the purchase price of hearing aids 

Hidden Hearing is an approved supplier of the Treatment Benefit Scheme, and we are familiar with the application process. We know that application forms can be tedious, and we regularly help our patients complete and submit their Treatment Benefit Scheme application.

Learn more about hearing aid finance:

  1. Hearing aid grant for your hearing aid purchase
  2. Hearing aid 0% financing options
  3. Does your private health insurance cover hearing aids?


1. Hearing aid grant for your hearing aid purchase

You could be entitled to free hearing aids through the PRSI government scheme; however, it’s important to get expert advice for the right device. At Hidden Hearing, our expert audiologists can steer you in the right direction. We will prescribe the most suitable hearing aids available to treat your hearing loss and assist you in applying for benefits under the scheme. The PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme covers the cost of hearing aids up to €1,000*. Public support for hearing aids varies from year to year. In 2021, you can receive:

• The full cost of a hearing aid up to a maximum of €500 (€1,000 for a pair) once every fourth calendar year.
• The government will also pay the full cost of repairs for hearing aids, up to a maximum of €100, once every fourth calendar year. 

We can help your check your eligibility


2. 0% hearing aid financing options

When you purchase a pair of hearing aids in our clinic, we can offer you 0% hearing aid finance options and a flexible payment plan. This means we will spread the cost of your hearing aids over 12 months in 12 instalments. Terms and conditions apply and all details can be obtained from your local clinic or by contacting 1800 818 808.

Financing option: Hidden Hearing payment plan

Our payment plan is designed to help support your individual needs. It’s a convenient and affordable way to purchase your hearing aids.

  • Instant approval.
  • Interest free.
  • Monthly repayment by direct debit.
  • 12 months repayment period.

T&C's apply 

  • Photographic ID (passport or drivers license).
  • Proof of address (bank/credit card statement or utility bill dated in the last 3 months).
  • Administration fee of €50 applied to each credit agreement.
  • 25% deposit minimum.

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3. Does your private health insurance cover hearing aids?

Generally, most health or medical insurance does not cover the purchase of hearing aids. However, coverage is dependent on your private health insurance plan. Some insurance companies provide partial or full coverage of a hearing aid. Others provide none at all.

In order to find out if your insurance covers hearing aids, you must review your contract with the insurance company. Adding hearing aid coverage on your current insurance plan may also be an option.

Hearing aid insurance

The easiest way to confirm your level of coverage is to call your private health insurance and ask them for further details about your plan. You are also welcome to call us if you would like to talk to one of our experts. Based on your insurance type, we may also be able to provide information about coverage.

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4. Are you able to return your hearing aids if you're not 100% satisfied?

At Hidden Hearing, we offer a 90-day moneyback guarantee for your peace of mind! If you’re not satisfied with your hearing aids, simply request a refund within 90 days. Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Our experts can guide you with regards to financing and government grants options available to you. Fill in your details below and we will contact you to discuss your options and how we can help.

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What's included in the price when you purchase hearing aids with us?

When you buy a hearing aid in a Hidden Hearing clinic, you get more than a high-quality hearing aid. You also get the following:

  1. A hearing test and consultation with a qualified, certified hearing aid audiologist.
  2. A personalised hearing aid fitting.
  3. Free cleanings and adjustments over time.
  4. 90-day return policy, full 4 year warranty, 6 month and annual service check.
  5. Free hearing aid batteries
  6. High-tech capabilities (smartphone and app connectivity).
  7. Guidance with paperwork in connection with applying for grants.
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