Our audiologists are experts in hearing care

Hidden Hearing has more than 80 locations across Ireland and Northern Ireland, with licensed audiologists who are qualified to address your unique hearing needs.

Over the past 30 years across Ireland, we have worked hard to develop a reputation for offering world-class hearing healthcare services and lifelong support for our patients.

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What is an audiologist?

Audiologists are experts in hearing care. They can identify and treat hearing conditions, as well as help to prevent future hearing health challenges. When you think that you may have hearing loss, your first step should be to make an appointment with an audiologist to find out the extent of the problem. You can take a free hearing test and find out how your hearing could be improved with the use of hearing aids. Many people worry about visiting an audiologist, but the experience should be a very positive step in your journey towards better hearing.

What happens at a hearing test

If you think you might have hearing loss, booking a hearing test with an audiologist is the best way to receive comprehensive results and recommended solutions for your specific needs.

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Book an appointment with an audiologist

Take the first step to better hearing by scheduling an appointment. The appointment is free of charge, and there is no risk, cost or obligation involved.

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What can our audiologists do for you?

Audiologists specialise in providing hearing care and hearing solutions for hearing loss. They are trained to conduct hearing tests and counsel patients on suggested solutions based on the results.

At Hidden Hearing, we stay up to date with the latest hearing research so that we can help our clients find the most optimal solution for their hearing needs and preferences.

If hearing aids are recommended to you, the audiologist will discuss which devices would best suit your hearing needs, lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

An appointment with one of our audiologists can help you if:

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4 benefits of choosing an audiologist at Hidden Hearing

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1. Experts in hearing care
Our certified audiologists conduct free no obligation hearing tests with real-ear measurements and same-day results.
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2. Personalised approach
We provide customised care by focusing on your personal needs so that we can provide you with the most optimal solution for your lifestyle.
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3. Quality hearing aid solutions
We offer a broad selection of the latest digital hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.
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4. Free aftercare services
As an Hidden Hearing customer, you are entitled to free hearing aid batteries, adjustments and cleanings.

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