Ear Health Hub

Here at Hidden Hearing, we believe that prevention is better than cure, and there are many simple measures to help keep the ears healthy throughout your life. If you have noticed hearing loss or pain in your ears, you should visit your audiologist as soon as possible to get expert advice, and whether you already have problems with your ears or are hoping to prevent problems in the future.

Menieres Diseae
Meniere's disease is a condition of the inner-ear that causes a type of dizziness that makes you feel like you are spinning. It can also cause you to experience tinnitus, hearing loss, nausea and pressure inside your ear. It typically affects only one ear.
Menieres Disease
Ear infection
Symptoms, Causes and how to prevent them. An ear infection arises when a eustachian tubes becomes enflamed or congested infection of the middle ear. Eustachian tubes are small tubes that run from each ear directly to the back of the throat. 
Ear Infection
Ear cleaning
Earwax is a vital bodily fluid that lubricates the ear canal and protects the tiny hairs that enable us to hear. However, an excess of earwax can cause problems, including hearing loss. 
Ear Cleaning