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Visit us at Hidden Hearing for a hearing aid trial. Our hearing care audiologists will help you choose the best model for your unique needs and adjust it accordingly. Our national network includes over 80 clinics, so we’re sure to have a location near you.

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What is a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are small, high-tech devices that help you hear if you suffer from hearing loss. They amplify your surrounding sounds (such as conversations, TV shows, or the radio) to help you communicate and participate in everyday situations.

Digital hearing aids

How does a hearing aid work?
Sound is carried across three different components:

  1. Sound enters the hearing aid through a microphone.
    A microphone, set within the small part that you wear in your ear, picks up sounds around you.
  2. Sound is processed and amplified.
    Sounds are then analysed via the processing chip, and processed sounds are sent to the amplifier.
  3. Sound is delivered to a receiver.
    Amplified sounds are sent to the loudspeaker inside the device, which then transmits sounds into the inner ear where they are transformed into electrical impulses. The brain receives these electrical impulses and processes them to create audible sounds.
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4 popular types of hearing aids

Image shows an Invisible hearing aids in ear
Invisible hearing aids
The most discreet hearing aid models are in-the-ear (ITE). They’re almost invisible.
In-the-ear hearing aids
Image shows an visible hearing aid in the ear
Versatile hearing aids 
Behind-the-ear (BTE) models are available in various sizes and colours. They’re suitable for different levels of hearing loss.
Behind-the-ear hearing aids
Image shows a rechargeable hearing aid
Rechargeable hearing aids
Many modern hearing aids include rechargeable batteries with no compromise in sound quality or processing power.
Rechargeable hearing aids
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Bluetooth hearing aids
Models with bluetooth allow you to connect to other devices, such as smartphones and TVs.
Bluetooth hearing aids

Hearing aid types comparison table

There’s more than one factor to consider when choosing a hearing aid. To make sure you get the one that’s right for you, you’ll need to consider a few things, such as the severity of your hearing loss, ear canal shape, dexterity, lifestyle, your budget and other personal preferences. The guide below will help you get to grips with the differences between the main types of hearing aids.

  Invisible-in-the- canalInvisible-in-the-canal Completely-in-the-canalCompletely-in-the-canal In-the-canalIn-the-canal Half/Full shell in-the-earHalf/Full shell in-the-ear miniRITE (Receiver-in- the-ear)
miniRITE (Receiver-in-the-ear)
miniRITE R (Receiver-in- the-ear)
miniRITE R (Receiver-in-the-ear)
Behind-the-ear Plus Power
Behind-the-ear Plus/Ultra Power
Most discreet - - -
Bluetooth connectivity  - -
Long battery life - - -
Easy to adjust volume and programmes - - -
Exchangeable battery -
Rechargeable battery - - - - - -
Mild to moderate hearing loss -
Severe hearing loss - - -
Profound hearing loss  - - - - - -

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6 benefits of wearing hearing aids

1. Hear clearly in most situations, and enjoy life more
2. Be able to participate in every conversation
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3. Avoid stress and discomfort caused by impaired hearing
4. Avoid having to ask people to repeat themselves
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5. Hear phone conversations effortlessly
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6. Listen to TV at the same volume as other people around you

Tony Ward


Tony Ward talks about Oticon More hearing aids and how they have changed his life. "The sounds I lost are back again, it's a lovely feeling. Normality has returned to my life and I didn't think that was possible"


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Well, I’d heard in advance, the expression was used, game changer.

To be honest, I just didn’t think it was possible.

Tony ward


Tony is standing and looking out



Since I put these in it’s just like it’s the specifics you can hear and it's all around you.

You can pick up every little sound but you’re comfortable with it.

Tony talks about the new Oticon More


Tony is standing by the water and talking



And whether it’s bird singing now, whether it’s the water lapping, sounds that I kind of lost and it’s a lovely feeling.





It’s just normality has returned to my life and I didn’t think that was possible.

Tony walking on the street



You don’t need batteries anymore because they’re charged.

Hearing aid’s charging



So, you have a charger beside your bed, or wherever you put it, and literally you just put them on charge, and they’re charged all the time. So that’s made it much easier.

Hearing aid’s charging



I thought it’s like being seen with a Zimmer frame. Psychologically, that’s what I was thinking. What I’m trying to do is to draw on my experience and encourage other people not to make the same mistake.

Tony walking by the water



So, to them, I would say, look, shake off any inhibitions because the difference to the quality of your life in doing the things that matter in life simple again, I use the word interaction, verbal interaction, whatever it is, just life. There is a better quality of life guaranteed on the back of it.

Tony walks on the beach



It’s given me an inner confidence that I’d think I lost to some degree, particularly when I’m talking to my own girls and grandchildren as it is.

Tony looks out towards the sea



Certainly, the Oticon More has been an absolute game changer for me in every respect, different quality of life. Thank you Oticon More

Tony stand by the water and talks



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Hearing aid brands and models

There are many high-quality, reliable hearing aids on the market. Each brand or model is unique in its own way, and it can be difficult knowing where to start. We’ve brought together the most important information about the brands and models we offer at Hidden Hearing. This way, you can get a quick overview of all your available options. 

Hearing aids brands and models

Latest technologies and features

Hearing solutions have gone through major technological innovations during the past decade. Today's digital hearing aids deliver better sound quality and can make your life easier through intelligent, high-tech features.

Illustration of a brain
BrainHearing™ technology
Hearing aids from Oticon with BrainHearing™ technology deliver more sound to the brain that's much clearer, all while improving speech understanding and reducing listening effort.
Illustration of a Bluetooth icon
Bluetooth connectivity
Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to wirelessly connect to a range of devices. You can hear music, take phone calls, and listen to TV audio, either directly in your hearing aid or via an app.
Bluetooth hearing aids
Illustration of a battery
Rechargeable batteries
Rechargeable batteries are good for the environment and your wallet when compared to disposable batteries, which you need to buy and throw away more often.
Rechargeable hearing aids
Illustration of a ear with sound in
Tinnitus support
People with hearing loss can also experience symptoms of tinnitus. Hearing aids can provide tinnitus relief by sending relief sounds to the ears, which help to decrease the annoyance of tinnitus.
Illustration of a shield with an ear in
Feedback reduction
Feedback (often experienced as a whistling sound) in modern hearing aids is much less common due to a new feedback reduction technology which greatly reduces this problem.
Illustration of a phone
Smartphone applications
Digital hearing aids can be connected to your smartphone and other phone apps, allowing you to manage hearing device settings and receive notifications on your smart device.

What is the best hearing aid on the market?

Hearing aids are not one-size-fits-all solutions. We want to help you find the best model for your needs, one that’s tailored to you. To do this, we’ll help you carefully consider the following:

  • Your hearing ability
  • Hearing aid type & technology
  • Comfort
  • Price and quality
  • Your lifestyle and listening situations
  • Your dexterity / vision and other individual needs

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Hearing aid prices and financing options

Our hearing aid range starts from 500 euro. In order to establish if you have hearing loss and to evaluate which device is right for you, we recommend you avail of our free hearing consultation with a qualified audiologist at one of our 80+ clinics nationwide.

Finding the right price point for you is a matter of weighing the costs and advantages of hearing aid features and technologies - and then matching these with your needs and budget.

Hearing aid prices

Hearing aid finance & payment plans

You don’t need a referral from a doctor to receive a free consultation or to purchase a hearing aid at one of our clinics.

We are happy to help you understand the different payment plans and funding options that are available to you.

Hearing aid finance

FAQ about hearing aids

Kevin McGoldrick, Audiologist

I have been working with Hidden Hearing for many years. We provide a professional, expert service, treating patients with dignity and respect. We earn our patients trust and enjoy lifelong relationships, providing free aftercare services for hearing aid users. I hold a BC-HIS Dip HAA, and as a practising audiologist, I keep up to date with the latest practices, research, and innovations.

Audiology is about making long-term connections with patients, building relationships and trust. That is what we do here at Hidden Hearing. It's encouraging to witness the dramatic change in a patient as lives recharge with new energy and enthusiasm.

There is a stigma associated with hearing loss. Some patients feel that hearing loss is a sign of old age. That's not the case. One in five people suffer from hearing loss, and it can affect people of all ages. I believe that education is the key to acceptance. People should be encouraged to undertake periodic hearing health checks at Hidden Hearing because positive hearing health is essential to social, psychological, and mental wellbeing.