Meet the Team

Board of Directors

Stephen Leddy, Managing Director

Stephen Leddy qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 1995 and worked in the retail sector before joining Hidden Hearing in 2000 as Financial Controller.

He implemented a new CRM system and an analytical review of the company's business process, immediately reducing the cost base and increasing productivity.

Stephen Leddy also set up the Northern Ireland subsidiary which now employs 20 people.  

He was subsequently appointed Managing Director in 2002, at the age of 32, and implemented strategic changes to the retail business structure and corporate culture resulting in significant organic growth and profitability, year on year.  

New revenue streams with synergistic partners, and protocols ensuring consistent professionalism and standards, has supported Hidden Hearing’s brand and commercial values.

His focus on developing Hidden Hearing's market vision, core value set, unique selling position and brand essence has positioned the company as market leader in the hearing healthcare sector in Ireland.

“It is our goal to provide not only the optimal hearing solution for our patients, and to understand our customers’ needs and expectations, but also to provide a lifetime of the best aftercare, with ongoing support and consultation in relation to hearing loss.  Only then can we be satisfied with our service."

Publications featured in include: The Irish Times, The Irish Independent, BizPlus

Duncan Graham, Sales Director

Hidden Hearing is delighted to announce the appointment of Duncan Graham as its new Sales Director. With decades of experience in Irish business and a remarkable track record in retail and management, Duncan is set to bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to his new role.

Originally from Nottingham, Duncan Graham has crafted an impressive career in the retail and business sectors in both Ireland and the UK. His journey commenced with Marks and Spencer, where he honed his skills managing stores across the two countries. This foundational experience laid the groundwork for his subsequent achievements in the industry.

Duncan's tenure at Brown Thomas saw him rise to the position of General Manager, showcasing his capability in overseeing various aspects of retail operations. His leadership skills were further demonstrated when he assumed the role of CEO at a prominent ladieswear company, where he successfully guided the brand towards greater prominence.

A stint as CEO of Libra Designs, a wholesale and retail ladieswear business, saw Graham dramatically increase the company’s retail presence; ahead of a 2011 move to multi-site retailing with Specsavers.  There, he played a pivotal role in the expansion of the brand across Ireland, Scotland, and Spain.

For the past three years, Duncan has held the role of Managing Director at Retail Excellence, an organisation focused on advocating for the interests of the Irish retail industry. As a prominent figure in the field, he has been actively engaged in the Government's Retail Forum, championing the concerns and needs of the retail sector. His influential voice has also been recognised in the media, where he has shared insights and perspectives on various retail-related topics.

With his unique blend of expertise, Duncan Graham is ideally positioned to lead Hidden Hearing's sales efforts. As Sales Director, he will harness his deep understanding of the Irish business landscape, his exceptional leadership skills, and his strategic acumen to drive the company's growth trajectory and enhance its commitment to delivering top-notch hearing healthcare services.

Duncan's appointment comes at an exciting juncture for Hidden Hearing, which operates an extensive network of 85 clinics across the island of Ireland. With his vision and leadership, the company is poised to further strengthen its market presence and continue its mission of improving the lives of individuals through better hearing.

Dolores Madden, Marketing Director


In 1987, Hidden Hearing was established in Ireland. Dolores joined the company two years later, in 1989. From the outset, Dolores recognised the business had ambition and purpose, an exceptional desire to improve patients' lives, and a laudable respect for staff. Moreover, she knew working with Hidden Hearing promised professional and personal satisfaction.

As a qualified Accounting Technician, she has a strong business foundation. Realising clinical training would complement her business acumen, Dolores returned to education, qualifying with a Masters' Degree in Audiology from Trinity College, Dublin, in 2002. Combining business and clinical disciplines gives her a holistic knowledge of company operations and a unique understanding of our patients.

Over the years, Dolores has worked in several positions across the business - Operations Manager, Senior Audiologist, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, and Marketing Manager. In 1994, Hidden Hearing was acquired by William Demant Holdings, a leading international hearing healthcare business comprising of more than 2,000 global clinics. Listed on the Danish Stock Exchange, the Demant Group pioneers the development of the most advanced diagnostic equipment and digital hearing technology on the market. As a member of the Group, Hidden Hearing offers patients an expert diagnosis and exceptional treatment options for improved hearing.

In 2003, Dolores was appointed Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing. She oversees communications strategies and marketing activity for brand amplification, customer acquisition and retention. Hearing loss is the second most common health issue globally and overcoming the stigma of hearing loss is one of our biggest challenges. Dolores is on a mission to promote pro-active hearing healthcare, encouraging people to take annual hearing tests and treatment as necessary. Early diagnosis and intervention can prevent social isolation, depression, cognitive decline, and other adverse impacts caused by untreated hearing loss. 

Each year 83 Hidden Hearing clinics, in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland combined, improve the hearing ability of more than 60,000 patients. Dolores is fortunate to manage the marketing team that share her passion for hearing healthcare. Helping people to hear better is rewarding, and of all the activities the team undertakes, Dolores is particularly proud of the #giftofhearing. This Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative provides free state-of-the-art hearing aids to people who deserve them but cannot afford them. She considers herself very fortunate to love what she does and knows that her work has purpose. 

In 2015, Dolores was appointed as Strategic Director for the Demant Group. Dolores is also a Director of the Irish Society of Hearing Aids Audiologists (I.S.H.A.A.), an organisation committed to high professional and ethical standards of practice and the development of its members.

Patricia Garland-Moloney, HR, L&D and Compliance Director

Patricia Garland-Moloney has brought extensive experience gained over 30 years in the medical devices, pharmaceutical, healthcare and FMCG sectors.  She is passionate about delivering best practice HR, Learning and Development, Organisation Behaviour and Organisation Change Management initiatives.  

An honours’ graduate of the National College of Ireland (NCIR) and a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), Patricia holds qualifications in employee relations and HR, a post-graduate qualification in Equality Studies and Third Age Advocacy from UCD, and an Advanced Diploma in Data Protection Law in Ireland from The Honorable Society of Kings Inns (Kings Inns).

Since 2013, Patricia has worked with Hidden Hearing driving our people strategies to ensure all our employees know, understand, and live our values, are fully trained and passionate about our purpose - to provide life changing hearing health.  Patricia’s focus is on developing and leading our people strategies, particularly in the core areas of employee engagement, employee wellbeing, talent acquisition and development.  She has developed our graduate development programme and is always interested to speak with graduates that want to grow and develop their career in our organisation.  Patricia has also developed our Employer Branding programme designed to secure our position as the ‘employer of choice’ in the hearing healthcare sector. “Regardless of the role, we are committed to the continuous learning and development of all our employees because we know by focussing on their career and personal development, they in turn will focus on delivering ‘best in class’ professional hearing health care to our patients. Our employees care about what they do, are passionate about providing professional care and achieve that by living our OneCompany values every day.  I am always happy to discuss career opportunities with candidates who want to be part of our hearing healthcare movement and believe in what we are doing here in Hidden Hearing.”


Hearing Aid Audiologists 

Enda Dooley (Dip HAA) Audiologist of the Year 2015
Mr. Enda Dooley, Hearing Aid Audiologist. has been with Hidden Hearing since 2010 and is based in our Merrion Road, Ballsbridge branch.

Mr Dooley was 1 of only 3 Audiologists in Ireland who were awarded a “Certificate of Commendation” in the Audiologist of the year competition in 2014 as well as uniquely winning the same “Certificate of Commendation Award”  (again 1 of only 3) in the “Audiologist of the Year”  competition in 2016 & 2017. 



Mr Ivor Lewis, Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing has been an audiologist for nearly 20 years and is highly recognised as a conscientious and caring professional. Ivor has been with Hidden Hearing since 1995 and took control of the Cashel branch in 2011. This branch is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Hearing Care in Ireland.

As a fully qualified fellowship member of both the British, and the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, he has years of advanced training both locally and nationally.

Noel Cullen (FISHAA)

Noel Cullen has been a Hearing Aid Audiologist in Abbey Street for 21 years. During this time Noel has cared for and successfully helped thousands of people with mild, moderate and profound hearing problems. Noel also has experience helping those with tinnitus, vertigo and others with medical related hearing loss.  As a fully qualified fellowship member of both the British and the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, he has years of advanced training both locally and nationally.

His knowledge in communication disorders has helped a wide range of patients, including both adults and children with hearing loss. He provides screenings, hearing tests, aural rehabilitation and has an extensive knowledge of both conventional and digital hearing instruments.