Hidden Hearing Aftercare Programme

Welcome to the Hidden Hearing Aftercare Programme. As part of the programme, you receive a range of free, lifetime aftercare services designed to ensure that you get the most out of your hearing aids.

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What is the Hidden Hearing Aftercare Programme?

1. Hidden Hearing 90-day welcome programme
90-day welcome programme - 90-day return policy (money-back guarantee)

90-day welcome programme

2. 4-year hearing aid maintenance 
Free hearing aid cleaning assistance - fitting, adjustment, and repair - free batteries - loss and replacement coverage.

Hearing aid maintenance

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3. Online and in-person consultations
6-month and yearly service check-ups - free in-person consultations - online consultations - self-guided resources.

Free hearing aid check-up

1. Hidden Hearing Welcome Programme

90-day welcome programme
Our welcome programme provides you with support, tips, and advice on how to get the most out of your hearing aids. This ensures that you get off to a good start with your devices. 
90-day return policy
In order to make sure that your hearing aids are the right fit for you, Hidden Hearing gives you the opportunity to test your hearing aids out for a full 90 days before committing to your purchase.
Free earwax removal voucher
If you need earwax removed, we will give you a complimentary voucher to receive a free earwax removal appointment with a highly skilled, earwax removal technician.

2. Hearing aid maintenance 

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Free hearing aid cleaning assistance
To ensure your hearing aids are always kept clean and in good shape, our hearing care experts are available to clean them for you. You can also learn how to clean them yourself at home.

Hearing aid cleaning

Free 6 monthly hearing aid service
As you get used to your hearing aids and the way in which you wish to hear through them, your hearing care expert can programme and / or adjust them to suit your hearing needs.

Hearing aid repair and adjustment

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Free 6 monthly hearing aid service
Like everything in life, your hearing aids may need servicing from time to time in order to ensure that the internal components are working optimally. Book your 6 month or annual hearing aid service appointment.

Book an appointment

Free batteries
Whenever you run out of batteries, you can order more from your local clinic or online. We will post them to your home, free of charge or collect at your clinic. Click the link below to learn more or phone 1800 818 808

Hearing aid batteries

Image show domes
Whenever you are in need of new domes, you can order hearing aid domes from your local clinic or online. You might prefer to keep an extra pack on hand so that you have an extra supply whenever you need them. 

Order domes

Loss and replacement coverage
With Hidden Hearing's loss and cover insurance, you are fully covered if you lose your hearing aid and require a replacement. There’s no need to be concerned about extra charges for losing your hearing aid. 

Insurance for your hearing aid

3. Online and in-person consultations

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6 month or yearly service check-ups
Our experts recommend checking your hearing aid once a year in order to make any necessary adjustments and ensure that you are getting the most out of your hearing aids. 
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Free in-person consultations
In order to provide guidance at every step of your journey, we provide follow-up consultations, which can serve to: address your hearing health concerns, educate you about the latest hearing technology, and provide reliable follow-up care. 
Online consultations / self-guided resources
Hidden Hearing provides convenient online consultations so that you can talk to a hearing care expert from the comfort of your own home - either online, by phone, or by sending us an email. We have also developed a compilation of self-guided resources online. 

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Hearing aid accessories

The following 3 hearing aid accessories can make your daily life more convenient:

  • PerfectClean: Clean, disinfect and dehumidify with PerfectClean. This compact electronic device cleans, disinfects and dehumidifies hearing aids in 60 minutes for optimal device performance and prolonged lifespan.
  • PerfectDry: PerfectDry Lux sanitises hearing aids, removing moisture and harmful particles that can impact your listening experience in just 30 minutes.
  • Flowmed: Dehumidify, disinfect and recharge devices simultaneously with the Flow Med Dry-Cap 3.

Hearing aid accessories