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Hidden Hearing has more than 80 hearing care clinics across Ireland and Northern Ireland and also more than 3,000 affiliated locations worldwide. Each of our Hidden Hearing clinics has trained hearing care experts who are qualified to address your unique hearing needs. 

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What can our audiologists do for you

You are welcome to contact our certified hearing aid audiologists for all your hearing needs.

We can help you if:

  • You think you might have hearing loss
  • You have a relative who may have hearing loss
  • You are interested in trying hearing aids
  • You need help adjusting to your current hearing aids
  • You are interested in getting new hearing aids
  • You need help cleaning or repairing your hearing aids

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"If a hearing aid would be a good solution for you, the audiologist will discuss which devices would suit your hearing needs, lifestyle, preferences, and budget."

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Meet Yvonne Doyle

Meet Hidden Hearing Audiologist, Yvonne Doyle, and find out how her own family experience with hearing loss that inspired her to pursue a career in audiology and also discuss her prestigious, Audiologist of the Year award nominated by her patient, Robin Atkinson.

“I try to view each person as if it was a member of my family and I was trying to help that person. You take on board their lifestyle and prescribe an instrument that is going to make them hear as well as they possibly can”

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3 facts about our audiologists

  1. Certified audiologists
    Hidden Hearing audiologists are hearing aid audiologists who diagnose, treat and manage hearing problems for all ages. All of our hearing aid audiologists are fully trained and adhere to HCPC/BSHAA/ISHAA standards of best practice and fully committed to continuing learning and development.  All our audiologists complete the foundation degree in audiology and/or are hearing instrument specialist (HIS) certified.

  2. Quality hearing solutions for all needs
    As a part of their daily work, our audiologists are skilled at working with all age groups, advising patients on hearing care solutions, using the latest technology to evaluate patients’ hearing needs, and serving as supervisors and mentors later on in their career.

  3. Latest technology & advancements
    Hidden Hearing provides ongoing training for all personnel involved in your hearing care, so you can trust that your hearing care expert will stay up to date with the latest advancements and technology trends in the field.

What to expect at your appointment with an audiologist

20 minutes
1. Discuss hearing concerns, medical history and lifestyle factors
5 minutes
2. Receive a physical ear exam
20 minutes
3. Take a comprehensive hearing assessment
15 minutes
4. Discuss your results and recommended solutions

FAQ about getting a hearing test with an audiologist

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Written by: Barry Douglas, audiologist
I became an audiologist to help change lives and to show people how hearing aids can greatly improve their quality of life. My work affords me the privilege of meeting, diagnosing, and treating patients of all ages with diverse audiological conditions. Not only that, but I also form life-long relationships with patients who avail of Hidden Hearing's free aftercare services, which is incredibly rewarding.