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At Hidden Hearing, we understand the importance of hearing health and the impact hearing loss can have on an individual’s quality of life. Building your knowledge and awareness are key first steps and we are here to help you. Our comprehensive diagnostic services are designed to identify and manage various ear and hearing conditions, ensuring that each patient receives personalised care and effective management plans.

We believe, to obtain the most successful outcomes, a patient centred approach is a must. We can achieve this through open discussions and shared decision making. On meeting your audiologist, together you can discuss your concern and goals as this helps determine the next steps to action for you.

During this discussion, your audiologist will have some questions for you too. This helps them to better understand any prior or current medical and hearing health conditions that will need consideration throughout your journey with us.

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What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a condition that occurs when an individual’s ability to hear sound is reduced. Sometimes it is temporary and sometimes it is permanent. It may range from mild to profound and can vary in nature, it may be conductive, sensorineural or mixed. Your audiologist will carry out a thorough test battery relevant to your individual needs.

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What further tests might be recommended?

Otoscopy & Video Otoscopy

Video otoscopy is an advanced test providing a detailed view inside your ear using a video endoscope. This is a non-invasive procedure that allows us to visually examine the condition of your ear canal and eardrum. This procedure helps your clinician to identify any potential problems such as blockages, irritations, infections, or other abnormalities. Followed by manual otoscopy, video otoscopy is an essential tool for accurate diagnosis and determining effective hearing care management.


Tympanometry is an invaluable objective test for evaluating the functionality of your middle ear. By measuring how your eardrum responds to changing air pressure it forms part of our diagnosis in detecting problems like fluid buildup in the middle ear, eustachian tube dysfunction, or ear drum perforations. Understanding these issues are crucial for our diagnostic evaluation and for addressing hearing loss or discomfort caused by middle ear problems.

Pure Tone Audiometry (air conduction, bone-conduction, with/without masking)

Pure-tone audiometry is a behavioural test used to measure an individual’s hearing threshold level. It is carried out in two parts, firstly using ear inserts (air conduction testing) and secondly using a headband (bone conduction testing)  to measure the softest sounds you can hear over many different frequencies. This test helps to establish the degree and type of hearing loss presenting. The results are recorded on a graph called an audiogram.

Speech Audiometry and Audible Contrast Threshold Testing

Our ability to recognise and understand speech is fundamental to daily communication. Speech audiometry can include a collection of tests including speech in quiet and speech in noise assessments. At Hidden Hearing we go beyond the audiogram when testing your hearing ability. This assessment is valuable as it helps us identify what you will need from hearing aid technology (where applicable) and how successful it will be. Most speech audiometry assessments will use speech as the stimulus to test your ability to distinguish words in various sound scenes. Where this is not possible, or where English is not your native language, your audiologist may opt to use ACT (Audible Contrast Threshold) speech in noise testing. This allows us to see how much help you need to hear clearly in noisy environments.

Therapeutic Services

Wax Removal

Ear wax plays an important role in our ear health. It is naturally produced to help clean your ears and protect them from dust, dirt, and infection. However, excessive wax may lead to discomfort, pain, itchiness, and reduced hearing. Our expert wax removal service is performed with qualified and competent clinicians. They will discuss with you, the best method to safely remove excess ear wax from your ear canal using safe and minimally invasive modern techniques. At Hidden Hearing we offer wax removal via irrigation, dry extraction, and micro-suction. Management of excessive wax will help mitigate against many auditory issues.

Tinnitus Evaluation and Management

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the absence of any external noise. It is commonly referred to as ‘ringing in my ears’ but may also present as a buzzing, hissing, chirping sound along with others. It is usually a symptom of an underlying cause which may include hearing loss, ear infections, medications, wax blockage, or even stress. Tinnitus can be experienced intermittently or continuously and can present in one ear or two ears. It can be distressing and debilitating. Whilst there is no known cure for tinnitus, we can carry out a thorough assessment to better understand your tinnitus experience to advise a suitable model of therapy and/or management plan where possible. This may include reviewing hearing aid technology, counselling, behavioural strategies and/or lifestyle adjustments to help alleviate your symptoms.

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Balance Assessments

Feelings of dizziness, vertigo and imbalance can have serious effects on your quality of life making even simple tasks challenging. There are several types of inner ear balance disorders that can cause this feeling of dizziness. Our balance assessments utilize cutting-edge diagnostic tests to identify  the causes of dizziness or instability associated with the inner ear. Based on these results, we offer targeted treatments and exercises to enhance your balance and overall well-being.

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You're not just another patient; you're a partner in your hearing health journey. Our clinic is renowned for leading the way in hearing healthcare in Ireland, thanks to our:
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Our audiologists are among the best in their field, continually advancing their knowledge to provide you with superior care.
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We understand that hearing health is deeply personal. That's why we tailor our services to meet your individual needs and preferences.   
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3. Advanced technology
We invest in the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies, ensuring accurate assessments and effective solutions.
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4. Free aftercare services
As an Hidden Hearing customer, you are entitled to free hearing aid batteries, adjustments and cleanings.

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