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They say the biggest gifts come in small boxes

Nominate a loved one to get the gift of free in-the-ear hearing aids. Our new Oticon Own hearing aids are our smallest hearing aids with our biggest ever technology. They are fully customisable to suit your individual hearing needs and requirements and the best part is that they're completely invisible in 9 out of 10 ears!

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Presenter Izzy Showbizzy explores people's favourite sounds to launch the Oticon Own - our most advanced, invisible hearing technology yet

Bird song, ticking clocks, rain fall, and the sounds of children's voices are some of the sounds that people lose out on when they first develop hearing loss. You don't have to lose out on the sounds you love with Hidden Hearing's newest hearing solution.

The Oticon Own™, Hidden Hearing's discreet, invisible, in-the-ear hearing aid is made with BrainHearing™ technology and with 12 million real life sound scenes built in, it can help you to enjoy the sounds you love for longer.

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Hearing aid types
Behind the ear, invisible, what does it all mean? Learn about the different types of hearing aid that you can choose from.
Hearing aid types
Hearing aid prices
Want to know how much hearing aids cost? Check out our hearing aid pricing guide, which includes a daily cost breakdown for the average hearing aid.
Hearing aid prices
Brands & models
At Hidden Hearing, we offer superior hearing aids from the leading brands such as Oticon and Bernafon.
Our brands & models
Online hearing test
Our online hearing test will give you a clear indication of how well you are hearing, using background noise and self-evaluation questions.
Online hearing test

Don't be left out in the cold this winter! Enter our fantastic giveaway today!

This year, we’re conscious that rising costs will prevent people from seeking treatment for hearing loss, and many households will be colder than usual. That’s why Hidden Hearing is giving ‘The Gift of Hearing and Heating’ this Christmas. 

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Patient Care Guide

Get the most out of your hearing aids with these tips and tricks.
Free Aftercare Service
As a Hidden Hearing customer, you are entitled to unique benefits including free hearing aid batteries.  We also stock domes and  accessories in all our clinics or our customer care team can take your order over the phone.

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How to clean your hearing aids
The top tip we can offer you to ensure that your hearing aids remain in full working order is to look after them. The number one step to maintaining your hearing aids is to keep them clean. Learn how to  clean your devices in this explanatory video.

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Connect your smart phone to the Oticon remote app
Connect any smart device to the Oticon app for a life-changing hearing care experience. Make calls from your hearing aids, stream sound from your favourite TV show to your ear and much, much more!

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Receive calls through your hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity
Make calls on the go from your new digital hearing aids. Simply download the Oticon App and watch the demo video to get set up to dial anytime, anywhere with no limitations!

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Stream TV shows to your hearing aids with the Bluetooth function
Watch all your favourite TV shows from the comfort of your couch and let your new Oticon hearing aids deliver the sound to you. With built-in in-ear streaming, you won't miss a thing. Sit back and enjoy the show!

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