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In most cases, ear wax works its way out on its own. However, if ear wax is causing hearing loss, it may need removing manually.

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Free Information Pack

15 page guide for all the information you need to know about hearing loss and hearing aids

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Hidden Hearing has over 30 years of experience helping people with hearing loss in Ireland. We are the leading private provider of hearing care solutions for adults in Ireland. Hearing loss can affect every aspect of your life, what things aren't you doing, enjoying or experiencing because you can't hear to your full potential? It isn't just a nuisance — it's a quality of life issue.


The good news is that wearing hearing aids can really help and with today's modern advancements in hearing aid technology, there is no reason to "just put up" with hearing loss anymore. Some digital hearing aids are so small and invisible that people can't tell you're wearing them


If you are worried about your hearing, schedule a free hearing test online or book a free ear wax removal with our hearing professionals or visit your local clinic.

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Our online hearing test will give you a clear indication of how well you are hearing, using background noise and self-evaluation questions.

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