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Our modern hearing care experts have helped over 50,000 people to hear and communicate better. We can help you too.

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How Stephen acted on his hearing loss

"When we were out on social occasions, he would start raising his voice. I told him I would tap his elbow and that would let him know to drop his voice or he was going to blow everybody out of it" Mary O'Neill

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Hearing aid types
Behind the ear, invisible, what does it all mean? Learn about the different types of hearing aid that you can choose from.
Hearing aid types
Hearing aid prices
Want to know how much hearing aids cost? Check out our hearing aid pricing guide, which includes a daily cost breakdown for the average hearing aid.
Hearing aid prices
Brands & models
At Hidden Hearing, we offer superior hearing aids from the leading brands such as Oticon and Bernafon.
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Online hearing test
Our online hearing test will give you a clear indication of how well you are hearing, using background noise and self-evaluation questions.
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How can a hearing aid help you?

If you are looking for a way to treat hearing loss, hearing aids can help you hear better and stay engaged in your daily activities. You can benefit from wearing hearing aids in the following ways:

Hear clearly in most situations
Participate actively in conversation
Avoid the stress and discomfort caused by hearing loss
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Hear phone conversations easily
Avoid having to ask people to repeat themselves
Listen to the TV at the same volume as those around you