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Treating hearing loss with quality hearing aids can help you:

1. Hear clearly in most situations
2. Participate in conversation again
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3. Avoid stress caused by hearing loss

Hearing aids can be life-changing

If you notice that hearing loss is preventing you from participating actively in everyday life, wearing hearing aids could help you to hear more clearly and enjoy everyday activities. Contact your local clinic to learn how hearing aids could improve your quality of life. 

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When is it relevant to consider new hearing aids?

It’s a good idea to consider making an appointment at a hearing clinic if:

  1. You recognise signs of hearing loss
  2. Your existing hearing aids do not work as well as they used to
  3. You find yourself being less social or avoiding situations where it’s difficult to hear 
  4. You want to take advantage of new technologies, such as Bluetooth® or rechargeability
The first step to better hearing is to book a free appointment with a hearing aid audiologist, where you can get your hearing tested and try a pair of quality hearing aids.

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“Don't do what I did, and leave it so long. If I got my hearing aids a few years ago, it would have made my life an awful lot easier"

Harry Lee, Hearing aid user

You can enjoy life despite hearing loss

When you lose your hearing, you start to miss out on meaningful everyday experiences like enjoying the sounds of the birds, listening to music or hearing your friend's laughter. You may also miss out on important conversations with friends and loved ones. 

There are many ways in which seeking advice from a certified hearing aid audiologist and wearing hearing aids can improve your life, such as: 

  • Help you enjoy conversations and social gatherings more
  • Look forward to hearing live entertainment clearly, such as plays or concerts 
  • Enjoy your favourite music again 
  • Perform better at work.

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6 advantages of wearing hearing aids

Image show icon of 6 in 10 people reported that hearing aids improved their ability to communicate effectively
6 in 10 people reported that hearing aids improved their ability to communicate effectively.
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4 in 10 hearing aid wearers report an improvement in self-confidence since they started wearing hearing aids.
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Over 50% of hearing aid users report an improvement in their work performance after they started wearing hearing aids.
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Over half of those who started wearing hearing aids in the last 5 years report an overall better quality of life since they started wearing hearing aids.
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A recent study found that about half of those with hearing aids feel that their ability to participate in conversations and group activities has improved.
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Individuals with moderate hearing loss have triple the risk of developing dementia. Hearing aids may help lower the risk.

What to expect at a hearing consultation

Hidden Hearing offers free hearing consultations to all customers. When you visit one of our clinics, you can expect to receive the following:

  1. A free hearing test completed by a qualified, certified Hearing Aid Audiologist.
  2. Experience a demonstration of the world’s most technologically advanced invisible, rechargeable hearing aids.
  3. Dedicated customer service team with free personalised aftercare service.
  4. Our 4 year guarantee, which includes everything you need to get the most out of your hearing aids - including free unlimited batteries for your hearing aids.
  5. Safe and secure clinics, fully compliant with all Covid-19 government safety guidelines.

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5 steps to improving your hearing

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1. Hearing loss or maybe it's just earwax?
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2. Schedule your FREE hearing test in a clinic near you.
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3. Select a pair of hearing aids with a 90-day money back guarantee.
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4. Learn about 2 FREE hearing aids with PRSI grant.
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5. Hear well and live well. Receive FREE, unlimited aftercare.
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