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Order your free sample hearing aid today for it to be delivered straight to your doorstep with no obligations!

Our free sample hearing aids are perfect for those just beginning their hearing care journey. They can help you to experience what it can feel like to wear a hearing aid but also it can help you to assess if you need to come in for a free hearing consultation. 


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Join over 14,000 satisfied customers who have already taken advantage of this exclusive offer!
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Freeposted by us and delivered right to your address and doorstep, with no hidden charges
Ideal for those starting out on their hearing care journey to decide if a hearing aid may the next step
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You can exchange your free sample hearing aid instore for €100 off the total cost of a hearing aid

Are you missing out on the joys of music, the voices of your loved ones, and the sounds of birds chirping?

This sample aid will allow you to experience amplified sound.

If you have mild, moderate or even severe hearing loss and would like your first experience of clearer hearing, apply for details of this offer today.


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