Hidden Hearing - Proud to partner with Alzheimer's Society of Ireland

Contributed by Sarah Sheehan

Hidden Hearing is proud to partner with Alzheimer's Society of Ireland

We at Hidden Hearing couldn't be prouder to announce our official partnership with the wonderful Alzheimer's Society of Ireland!

The Alzheimer's Society of Ireland (The ASI) is the leading dementia-specific service provider in Ireland that works across the country to help provide dementia-specific services and supports. They help to advocate for the rights and needs of all people living with dementia and their carers within local communities. As the leading hearing healthcare experts in Ireland, we realise the importance of highlighting the ever growing link between hearing loss and dementia and how consistent hearing care can help to mitigate the chances of cognitive decline.

It is estimated that there are around 64,000 people in Ireland that are living with dementia and this number is predicted to double by 2046. We hope that our partnership will continue to promote education and awareness about dementia, its supports and services while also helping to promote a greater sense of awareness and understanding. By combining both of our expertise, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals by providing hope, support and valuable insights to help enhance the lives of those affected with this condition.


DemTalks Podcast Series

By combining both our expertise and resources, we want to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals who experience or care for those with dementia, which is why we helped to sponsor the podcast series DemTalks, Our Stories, Our Voices.

DemTalks Series One is produced by the Dementia Carers Campaign Network (DCCN) and is dedicated to amplifying the voices of family carers and supporters of people living with dementia. Caring for a person with dementia can be an isolating experience and this podcast seeks to alleviate that through information, solidarity and hope. These enlightening talks aim to shed light on the importance of brain health and provide valuable insights into Alzheimer's and dementia, fostering a community of understanding and compassion.


Audiologist and Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing, Dolores Madden said: "We're so delighted to be sponsoring DemTalks, Our Stories, Our Voices. As Ireland's leading premium hearing healthcare provider, we place a strong emphasis on connection. Hearing connects people and enables them to get the best out of life and each other. The stories on the podcast will resonate with many, a platform that will help foster the feeling of connection within the community of family carers and supporters of people living with dementia. We want to thank the Alzheimer Society of Ireland for producing this podcast and providing a voice to people caring for people living with dementia".

DemTalks, Our Stories, Our Voices is available for streaming on all major podcast platforms since June 14th. The ASI hopes that other carers who listen to the podcast will feel less alone. Listeners can expect to hear stories that will inspire, inform and encourage dialogue on a wide range of topics. 

Series One features topics such as carer identity, homecare, hearing loss & dementia, and caring in the LGBTQ+ community and you can listen to the full DemTalks series here for free or wherever you get your podcasts;


Book a Free Hearing Test

If you are worried about developing dementia in the future and want to help prevent cognitive decline, you can take preventative measures by booking a free hearing test.

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Written by: Sarah Sheehan, Chief Audiologist, ISHAA Member
Sarah Sheehan is an esteemed member of our HR, L&D and Compliance Department, who joined Hidden Hearing in 2018 as an audiologist. Sarah’s career has seen her work in a wide range of areas within the company and she is committed to providing education about audiology and keeping abreast of current audiology trends.