Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards 23

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09/08/2023 00:00:00 • 2 min read

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Celebrating ordinary people making extraordinary differences!

The Hidden Hearing Heroes Awards were established in 2011 to honour those who have made a significant contribution to Irish society, their community, workplace, family or through sporting excellence.

This year the awards will take place on Wednesday 11th October in The InterContinental, Dublin.

The 11 nomination categories are as follows:

1 *Age is no Barrier Hero*

Celebrating the achievements

of someone over 60.

2 *Young Hero*

The achievements of a young

person under the age of 25.

3 *Family Hero*

In recognition of the hundreds

of people in Ireland who care

for family members in need.

4 *Sporting Hero*

Recognising the achievements

of a person who has overcome

adversity to excel in sport.

5 *Hearing Hero*

Recognising the achievements of

someone who has overcome the

challenge of being deaf or hard of


6 *Healthcare Hero*

In recognition of the achievements

of a healthcare professional who

has gone beyond the call of duty for

his/her patients.

7 *Diversity Hero*

Recognising an employee, co-worker

or manager who has gone

above and beyond their call of duty

to support the community.

8 *Triumph Over

Adversity Hero*

An overall hero who has

overcome significant

adversity in his/her life.


9 *Charity Hero*

Recognising those who have gone

out of their way to help a local charity.


10 *Immigrant Hero*

Recognising those of international

descentwho have made a difference

to society.


11. *Sustainability Hero*

Recognising those who are leading

the charge when it comes to

sustainability standards.


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