Hidden Hearing Celebrates World Hearing Day with Announcement of Continued Expansion and Innovation

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03/03/2024 00:00:00 • 2 min read

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Healthcare provider, Hidden Hearing, marked World Hearing Day with news of significant progress in their ambitious expansion strategy across Ireland. A new flagship Centre of Excellence in Castlebar was unveiled this week, aligning with World Hearing Day celebrations, and showcasing Hidden Hearing's commitment to leading-edge diagnostic audiology and personalised hearing care in a patient-centric clinic.


The newly opened Centre of Excellence in Castlebar is the latest addition to Hidden Hearing's growing network, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and a range of new services designed to offer the most advanced hearing care solutions. Situated in the town’s main retail district on Hopkins Road, this centre stands as a testament to Hidden Hearing's dedication to expanding access to top-tier audiology services in Ireland.


Special guests at the opening included Olympic sailing medallist Annalise Murphy, recently turned road racing cyclist,Mayo sportsperson Keith HigginsandNeuroscientist, Dr Sabina Brennan.

“Keep Being You” is the hearing healthcare brand’s latest media campaign, emphasising how hearing loss doesn’t mean missing out on life.


Commenting on the campaign, Olympian Annalise Murphy said,“Speaking from a personal experience, watching someone carrying on with hearing loss is sad. Seeing them become disconnected from friends and family, it’s not just hard for them, but it’s difficult for their family and friends to watch. The campaign “Keep Being You”, delivers an important message to everyone to get your hearing checked so you can live your life to the fullest and most importantly, not lose the parts of yourself that make you, you.”


Over the past year, Hidden Hearing has focused on the expansion and refurbishment of its clinics, along with the introduction of new outreach audiology services, to meet the needs of Ireland’s increasing ageing population. Duncan Graham, recently appointed as the company’s Sales Director, brings a wealth of experience from various sectors, highlighting Hidden Hearing's differentiation from other retail organisations and its focus on providing unparalleled patient support.


Investment in the brand’s development and positioning within the Irish market continues, with a significant emphasis on upskilling patient support staff and introducing the world’s most sophisticated hearing aids. "Our business strategy is firmly rooted in organically growing our clinic numbers across the island of Ireland, investing in our people, and forming partnerships with Irish healthcare advocacy and research groups," says Stephen Leddy, Managing Director of Hidden Hearing.


The ageing population and the growing understanding of hearing loss's broader health implications have driven increasing demand for audiology services. With medical research identifying hearing loss as a modifiable risk factor for dementia, Hidden Hearing is at the forefront of providing treatments that not only improve hearing but also contribute to overall health and well-being.


To honour World Hearing Day, Hidden Hearing focused on raising awareness of hearing loss as an 'invisible disability' and the need to destigmatise hearing solutions. The company is dedicated to educating both consumers and medical professionals on the latest hearing healthcare advice.


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Dolores Madden, Marketing Director and Senior Audiologist, ISHAA Board Member
In 1987, Hidden Hearing was established in Ireland. Dolores Madden joined the company two years later. In 2003, Dolores was appointed Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing. Hearing loss is the second most common health issue globally and overcoming the stigma of hearing loss is one of our biggest challenges. Dolores is on a mission to promote pro-active hearing healthcare, encouraging people to take annual hearing tests and treatment as necessary. Early diagnosis and intervention can prevent social isolation, depression, cognitive decline, and other adverse impacts caused by untreated hearing loss.