Are you worried that someone in your family has a hearing loss and isn't doing anything about it?

It can be frustrating when you have to repeat yourself, shout, or have the TV at high volume so that they can hear it. You may also be sad to see someone you care about becoming isolated and missing out on many aspects of life. Or worried that a loved one may actually be placed in danger if they can't hear a smoke alarm in the event of a fire or an approaching car when crossing the road.

People don't like to admit that they are getting older - often because they don't feel old. They may be 'in denial' about their hearing problem or they know they have a problem but they are putting off doing anything about it. And they may not realise how different today's digital hearing aids are from the devices their parents and grandparents used to wear.

The help and encouragement of friends and family can be invaluable in helping someone with a hearing loss to come to terms with and overcome it so that they can lead a fulfilling life.


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You can help them - perhaps by going through the online hearing test with them. If you are well-informed, maybe they'll take notice. We have detailed information on this site to help you and your loved one make an informed decision about how to resolve their hearing problem.  

Recognising the signs of Hearing Loss

  • Often asked to repeat things

  • Complain that everyone seems to be mumbling

  • Have to strain to hear when someone is speaking

  • Have difficulty hearing when someone is speaking from behind or from another room?



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