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"I don't have words to let you know what a difference the hearing aids have made in my life already. When I wake in the morning I simply can't wait to put them in. One of the biggest challenges for me as a person who has Lewy body dementia is that there is a constant buzzing in my head which at times would drive you mad. The very second I put the hearing aids in the buzzing stops and the quality of everything around me is so clear."
- Kevin Quaid

Meet Kevin Quaid, an inspirational individual whose journey with Lewy Body Dementia has been nothing short of remarkable. Kevin is 60 years old and married to Helena. He was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s, just over 9 years ago. He was later diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia.

Lewy Body Dementia is the second most common dementia after Alzheimer's disease. It occurs when protein deposits develop in nerve cells in the brain and effect thinking, memory and movement. Lewy Body Dementia is usually accompanied by some degree of hearing loss.

We recently fitted Kevin with our Oticon Real hearing aids and he has experienced a huge decrease in his dementia symptoms ever since. He maintains that anyone presenting with dementia symptoms should undergo mandatory hearing testing as the two issues often go hand-in-hand.

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Kevin Quaid

Watch Kevin share his remarkable story on how his hearing aids have completely transformed his life!

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