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As a customer, one of your greatest safeguards is the recognition by the hearing aid retailer that your satisfaction through clearer hearing is of the greatest importance. Hidden Hearing will provide you with a friendly, reliable and helpful service in order to maintain our excellent reputation.

PRSI Treatment Benefit on Hearing Aids

If you are eligible for the PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme, the Department of Social Protection will pay for some of the cost of a hearing aid, up to a maximum of €500 for a single aid, or up to €1,000 for a pair.

The benefits of private hearing aids

If you decide to purchase a private hearing aid, you may be able to choose from a wide range of instruments. If you buy from an independent supplier you may also have a choice of manufacturers. The instrument will be made to your exact prescription to compensate your own hearing loss as closely as possible.

How much do they cost?

Although most companies can supply price guides on request, the problem with pricing hearing aids is that the aid most suitable for you depends entirely on your own particular type of hearing loss. The extent of the sophistication of the instrument which you need will have a bearing on the price.

Can I finance my hearing aids?

Yes, Hidden Hearing offers a special finance package with a 0% finance option on the purchase of your hearing aids. This means we will spread the cost of your hearing aids over 12 months in 12 instalments with no extra charges or cost. Terms and conditions apply and all details can be obtained from your local branch or by contacting 1800 818 808.

What financial assistance is there?

There are many sources of financial help available. Special benefits are available to Medical Card Holders. People who have paid into the PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance) can receive significant help when buying a private hearing aid and this can be worth up to €1,000 per person. If you are an income tax payer you may be able to claim the cost of your hearing device against tax (MED 1). Your hearing aid consultant can help you through the financial maze.

Claiming medical expenses for hearing aids

You can claim tax relief on medical expenses including those on hearing aids that you pay for yourself and on behalf of any other person. The limitations on who you can claim for no longer apply for claims for the 2007 tax year onwards. You can claim relief only if you cannot recover the expenses from any other source. For further information please visit the revenue website - A Guide to claiming Health or Medical Expenses Relief

Health Board or private hearing aids?

To obtain a hearing aid through the health board you must first visit your doctor. If hearing loss is confirmed, and if a hearing aid is recommended, one may be provided free through the Health Board. This will depend on whether, upon checking, you qualify under the rules of the Social Welfare Scheme. If your doctor confirms that a hearing aid is required, you have the option of seeing a private Hearing Aid Consultant of your choice.

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