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Free Earwax Removal

Apply now for our FREE* Professional Earwax Removal Service for over 55’s.
You will also receive a short free hearing screening to further diagnose/rule out any hearing issue.

If you already have hearing aids, whether you bought them from Hidden Hearing or not, you can still avail of low cost batteries. Sign up to our Battery Membership Scheme and get batteries for €1 per pack of 6.

Why choose us?

Most Trusted Provider

Hidden Hearing continues to grow as Ireland's Most Trusted Hearing care provider. We are Ireland’s premier professional provider of hearing healthcare in the private sector with a national network of over 65 branches and clinics.

Over the past 25 years across Ireland we have worked hard to develop a reputation for offering world-class hearing healthcare services and lifelong support for our patients.

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Concerned about your hearing?
Rupert Rock

Hidden Hearing has over 25 years of experience helping people with hearing loss in Ireland. We are the leading private provider of hearing care solutions for adults in Ireland. Hearing loss can affect every aspect of your life, what things aren’t you doing, enjoying or experiencing because you can’t hear to your full potential? It isn’t just a nuisance — it’s a quality of life issue.

The good news is that wearing hearing aids can really help and with today's modern advancements in hearing aid technology, there is no reason to "just put up" with hearing loss anymore. Some digital hearing aids are so small and invisible that people can't tell your wearing them

If you are worried about your hearing, schedule a free hearing test online with our hearing proffesionals or visit your local clinic.

Hearing Devices Overview

Virtually Invisible
In The Ear (ITE)

Virtually Invisible In The Ear (ITE)

In the ear hearing aids are the most popular style recommended by Hidden Hearing. Their simple and one piece construction lend themselves to many hours of comfortable and satisfactory use. An impression of the inside of your ear is taken by your Hearing Aid Audiologist to ensure that the shell of the hearing aid is made to exactly match the contours of your ear.

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Receiver In The Ear

Receiver In The Ear (RITE)

Receiver in the ear hearing aids are the latest type of hearing aid to be developed. Their two piece design allows them to be worn comfortably behind or on top of the ear whilst a very thin and discreet wire is connected to a tiny receiver (loudspeaker) in the ear canal. Many manufacturers have also changed the way that these instruments look by using unique shapes and colours.

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Download our
Tinnitus App

Download our Tinnitus App

The app has a soothing sounds feature which has been specially designed to help you relax. These sounds help reduce the perceived "loudness" of tinnitus making the symptoms less annoying and more manageable. The soothing sounds act as a masking remedy to treat tinnitus symptoms, such as annoying ear ringing to provide you with much needed relief.

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