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Hearing is one of our most important senses; it's one of the key things that makes us human. So at Hidden Hearing, we believe that only the best is good enough for the people who need our assistance.

We never compromise on quality. We offer only the very latest and highest quality hearing aid technology from the best providers we can find. Our close cooperation with these leading hearing health care manufacturers assures us instant access to new and innovative technologies and features – as soon as they've been proven ready for the challenges of the real world. Read more on our world class brands Bernafon and Oticon.


Oticon Hearing Aids


All Oticon devices are designed to help people with hearing loss fulfill their potential and live the life they choose. Oticon's most advanced hearing aids use BrainHearingTM technology, which supports the way the brain naturally makes sense of the sounds all around you.


Oticon was established in Denmark in 1904 by Hans Demant, whose wife suffered from hearing loss. Built on this foundation of care, Oticon has become one of the world's leaders in high-performance hearing aids. Their drive for innovation puts the company at the absolute forefront of sophisticated technology and award-winning design.

All Oticon devices are developed to empower people with hearing loss so they can communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively in life.


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Why choose Oticon?

Hear better, understand more, with less effort.

Instead of simply amplifying the sound, Oticon hearing aids use BrainHearingTM technology, which supports your brain and lets you enjoy a natural and pleasant soundscape.

About Oticon Opn

The newest and most advanced innovation from Oticon. This hearing aid has an exceptionally fast processing speed, which enables it to scan the entire sound-field 100 times per second and even reduce noise between individual words. This reduces the effort of listening and helps you make sense of sound even in challenging environments.


About Oticon Dynamo

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Dynamo is a powerful hearing aid for people with more severe forms of hearing loss, who can depend on it to perform day in and day out. Its design is comfortable and slim – the smallest hearing aid with a size 13 battery – and it minimizes annoying feedback.

About Oticon Nera2

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A mid-level hearing aid with superior sound quality and many options for personalisation. Oticon Nera2 will enable you to take part in conversations, even in challenging surroundings. With excellent sound quality and three of Oticons BrainHearingTM technologies, Nera2 will help you to understand speech better, while many personalisation options ensure they are shaped to your needs and preferences.

About Oticon Ria2

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The technology inside Ria2 helps you understand the sounds you hear. These hearing aids work together to give you a balanced sound experience, and give your hearing care professional the ability to tailor their performance to your personal hearing preferences, in order to provide you with a more natural listening experience.


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Bernafon Hearing Aids


Authentic listening experiences

Developing effective hearing aids is about more than merely building devices that compensate for a physical loss of hearing. For more than 60 years, Bernafon has been developing hearing aid systems that take your individual needs and preferences into account.

The History of Bernafon

Bernafon was founded in 1946 in Bern, Switzerland by Hans Gfeller, who was severely hearing-impaired. This led his son and a friend to develop the company's first hearing aid. Over 70 years later, the combination of Swiss engineering, precision technology and award-winning design enables people to enjoy authentic listening experiences, by fitting their individual needs.

About Juna 9


This in-the-ear hearing aid is highly discreet, and is the perfect choice for active people who are looking for the maximum benefit possible from today's hearing aid technology – in the most challenging situations.

About Juna 7

bernafon juna 7

Looking for a high-quality hearing aid that is easy to use? Juna 7 amplifies sounds naturally and accurately, and automatically focuses on speech when you are in noisy environments.

About Saphira 5

bernafon saphira 5

Saphira 5 is a mid-range hearing aid that aims to give the wearer a natural-feeling perception of the sounds around them. Thanks to this, it gives enhanced speech understanding in almost all listening situations.

About Saphira 3

bernafon saphira 3

The perfect mix of value for money, better hearing and wireless connectivity. Saphira 3 provides the wearer with natural sound perception and gives clear speech understanding even in noisy environments.

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