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Hearing Loss And Modern Technology

Contributed by Dolores Madden

17/06/2021 00:00:00 • 3 min read

Here at Hidden Hearing, we work with clients who have many different types of hearing loss, including hearing loss caused by illness or genetic factors, and hearing loss caused by exposure to loud or continuous noises. We have noticed that modern technology brings new hazards for hearing since it enables us to expose our ears to sounds at higher intensities and higher volumes than ever before.

Many people do not realise that hearing can be damaged by noises from everyday objects, such as loud appliances used on a daily basis. Protecting your ears is vital when you go to a concert or if you work in a noisy environment like a construction site, but thinking about how you can take care of your ears every day can also help to protect your hearing.

How Modern Technology Can Affect Hearing Loss

  1. Immersive technology. As technology develops, so does the assault on our hearing. Have you noticed the volume getting louder at the cinema or even in restaurants and shops? Films and games now offer 3D experiences, and surround sound means that we are facing louder noises on a more intense basis than ever before, which has serious implications for our hearing. Any sound that causes your ears to ring is potentially causing damage to your hearing, and you should consider ear protection or avoiding the noise altogether.
  2. Earbud technology. Many people, especially young people, listen to music using earbuds, usually via a smartphone or mobile device. This means that volumes are usually higher in order to drown out surrounding noise, and people tend to listen for longer. Exposing your ears to volumes of more than 60 decibels for more than an hour each day can cause permanent hearing damage, but many people listen at more than 85 dB for extended periods.
  3. Digital hearing aids. Of course, it’s not all bad news. The technology that brings us surround sound systems and earbuds can also be credited with the development of highly sophisticated hearing aid devices, which can offer an invisible solution to the problem of hearing loss. Hearing devices are set to become the next big thing in wearable technology, and we hope that this will be the end of the stigma that still prevents people from seeking help with their hearing loss.


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Dolores Madden, Marketing Director and Senior Audiologist, ISHAA Board Member
In 1987, Hidden Hearing was established in Ireland. Dolores Madden joined the company two years later. In 2003, Dolores was appointed Marketing Director at Hidden Hearing. Hearing loss is the second most common health issue globally and overcoming the stigma of hearing loss is one of our biggest challenges. Dolores is on a mission to promote pro-active hearing healthcare, encouraging people to take annual hearing tests and treatment as necessary. Early diagnosis and intervention can prevent social isolation, depression, cognitive decline, and other adverse impacts caused by untreated hearing loss.