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Tinnitus Playlists: Treatment With Music

Contributed by Dolores Madden

21/06/2021 00:00:00 • 2 min read

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Tinnitus is a frustrating condition that can be extremely difficult to live with. Currently, there is no successful way to treat tinnitus, although hearing aids can be used to reduce the symptoms. However, recent developments in sound therapy have been used to improve tinnitus for sufferers, and notched music is becoming a great way for those with tinnitus to manage their condition.

Emerging from Germany in 2010, notched music is a new way of using music to influence the auditory cortex and reorganise the way sounds are heard. In initial studies, participants identified their favourite tunes and researchers ‘notched’ these by removing the sounds within the tracks that were of the same frequency as each individual’s tinnitus. Participants then listened to their personal tracks for approximately 12 hours per week for a year, and results showed significant improvements, particularly in the volume of the tinnitus.

Alleviate Tinnitus With Notched Music:

Following the success of initial studies, music therapy has developed so that it is now possible to use automated software that can create notched music for you. We recommend AudioNotch, which allows you to establish the tone of your tinnitus and eliminate this frequency from all the music you upload. You can create a playlist of songs that make you smile and make your tinnitus easier to bear, and you may find that you obtain lasting relief from the condition, too.

How To Try Notched Music The Easy Way:

  1. Try playlists recommended by others: Many people who have found music successful in relieving their tinnitus have shared their playlists online to help others, too. Check out the recommendations and shared music online at The TinnitusTalk forum, which includes nature sounds and relaxing ambient music.
  2. Use music for relaxation. Relaxation and meditation are also great ways to relieve the pain of tinnitus, and both of these can be made easier with music. Using specially designed tinnitus friendly tracks such as white noise sounds or nature soundtracks can help to distract the mind from the symptoms of tinnitus and can help you to relax and focus your mind away from the condition.
  3. Explore online. YouTube and Spotify have excellent selections of tinnitus music, and these include extended playlists that are suitable for all night listening. Disturbed sleep can be a major problem that can worsen the symptoms of tinnitus, so music that helps you to relax and fall asleep, and to stay asleep all night, can be extremely helpful.

Don’t forget that you should always listen to music at a low volume to protect your hearing and prevent further hearing loss. This is especially true if you are wearing earbuds, since your ears are so much closer to the source of the sound, so you should make sure that your music is below 85dB at all times.

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