Do you have the signs of hearing loss?

The human ear is amazing, it is one of the body's most delicate and detailed sensory organs. Nevertheless it is no surprise that such a complex system can be damaged by illness, injury and wear and tear.

Just as we get our eyes and teeth checked regularly, taking good care of our hearing is just as important. Around 35% of people over 64 years have significant hearing loss. Often family members and friends are aware of a person’s hearing problems long before the hearing-impaired person themselves. In some cases hearing loss can be gradual and it goes unnoticed until it is very pronounced. When this is the case it can result in frustration, withdrawal from social activities, depression, isolation and loneliness. People lose the ability to take in sounds like bird songs, rustling of leaves, the voices of loved ones and music.

How can I tell if I have hearing loss symptoms?


The obvious warning signs are: 

  • Asking people to repeat what they have said.
  • Having difficulty following conversations.
  • Feelings of ear fullness or pressure, ear noises (ringing, buzzing), and dizziness
  • Turning up the TV volume
  • Having problems understanding speech when there is background noise


What should I do if I have symptoms of hearing loss?

Book a free hearing Check-up and get to the root of the problem. Discuss the following with your Hearing Care Professional:

  • When did your hearing problem begin and how quickly did it progress?
  • Whether there are any obvious related problems (illness, a wax build up, head injury, noise exposure etc.)
  • Do other family members have hearing loss?

We will measure your hearing across a detailed range of sound frequencies at different noise levels. Once your hearing has been assessed your Hearing Care Professional will discuss the various options available to you. Early diagnosis is crucial for a better quality of life.

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