Tony Ward holding out a rugby ball while standing in front of a hidden hearing clinic

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Irish rugby legend Tony Ward encourages everyone dealing with untreated hearing loss to take preventative action to help lessen the impact of hearing loss in the future.

Learn more about Tony's experience with hearing loss below.

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Irish rugby legend Tony Ward opens up about his personal experience with hearing loss, how it impacted his quality of life and how hearing aids totally changed his life.

Tony suffered a crisis of confidence when his hearing went into decline and he recounts on both feeling isolated while also missing out on his favourite sounds of the sport.

Tony is a strong advocate for raising awareness about hearing loss and the importance of early intervention. His dedication to this cause is truly inspiring, and he is a true champion for people with hearing loss.

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Tony Ward

“To be the best, you have to specialise in one position”. Tony has developed not only an excellent relationship with his audiologist but has also gained a newfound sense of hearing and clarity. 

For over 35 years, life-changing hearing care has been our sole focus. We are the experts in hearing care in Ireland with over 80 clinics nationwide. Take a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing and rediscover a more confident you!

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Well, I’d heard in advance, the expression was used, game changer.

To be honest, I just didn’t think it was possible.

Tony ward


Tony is standing and looking out



Since I put these in it’s just like it’s the specifics you can hear and it's all around you.

You can pick up every little sound but you’re comfortable with it.

Tony talks about the new Oticon More


Tony is standing by the water and talking



And whether it’s bird singing now, whether it’s the water lapping, sounds that I kind of lost and it’s a lovely feeling.





It’s just normality has returned to my life and I didn’t think that was possible.

Tony walking on the street



You don’t need batteries anymore because they’re charged.

Hearing aid’s charging



So, you have a charger beside your bed, or wherever you put it, and literally you just put them on charge, and they’re charged all the time. So that’s made it much easier.

Hearing aid’s charging



I thought it’s like being seen with a Zimmer frame. Psychologically, that’s what I was thinking. What I’m trying to do is to draw on my experience and encourage other people not to make the same mistake.

Tony walking by the water



So, to them, I would say, look, shake off any inhibitions because the difference to the quality of your life in doing the things that matter in life simple again, I use the word interaction, verbal interaction, whatever it is, just life. There is a better quality of life guaranteed on the back of it.

Tony walks on the beach



It’s given me an inner confidence that I’d think I lost to some degree, particularly when I’m talking to my own girls and grandchildren as it is.

Tony looks out towards the sea



Certainly, the Oticon More has been an absolute game changer for me in every respect, different quality of life. Thank you Oticon More

Tony stand by the water and talks



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