Nominations now being accepted for the Gift of Hearing 

This summer, we want to give as many people as possible the life-changing Gift of Hearing. We will be giving away €20,000 worth of Oticon More hearing aids to those who need it most as part of our Giveback Programme. If you have hearing loss and think we can help, enter below!

A Gift Like No Other

A devastatingly high percentage of elderly women are being denied access to hearing aids on the Government Grant Scheme as they have no PRSI contributions because they were legally unable to work outside the home due to restrictions on married women at the time. 94-year-old Mary falls into this category. Hidden Hearing's Managing Director, Stephen Leddy, heard Mary’s story when she was on Liveline recently and has kindly offered to give her the Gift of Hearing. If you're in the cohort of people who are ineligible for the PRSI scheme, fill out a form if you would like to be considered for our Gift of Hearing in the future.


Nominate now

Experience what is now known as possibly the best hearing aid in the world. The Oticon More is the first hearing aid to use the Deep Neural Network, the most powerful benefit of artificial intelligence software. Building on Oticon’s previous brain hearing technology, the Oticon More gives you 360-degree access to the sounds of the world around you - with more definition than ever before.

This life-changing hearing aid will make sounds up to 60% clearer inside the brain. You will understand 15% more of what has been said than any other hearing aid developed to date. Also, these fully rechargeable hearing aids will only need 3 hours of charging to give you a full day of power.