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Over the past 30 years across Ireland, we have worked hard to develop a reputation for offering world-class hearing healthcare services and lifelong support for our patients. We combine the latest technology with the highest standards in audiologist professional training while conducting over 60,000 free hearing tests each year.


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What is an audiologist

Audiologists are experts in hearing and can identify and treat problems as well as helping to prevent further health conditions.When you think that you may have hearing loss, your first step should be to make an appointment with an audiologist to find out the extent of the problem. You can take a free hearing test and find out how your hearing could be improved with the use of hearing aids. Many people worry about visiting an audiologist, but the experience should be a very positive step in your journey towards better hearing.

Here at Hidden Hearing, we keep up to date with hearing research so that we can help our clients to find the very best solutions for their lifestyles. We know that untreated hearing loss can worsen, leading to many other problems such as depression and dementia, and we believe that seeking help as soon as you are diagnosed with hearing loss is the best way to prevent this.

How your audiologist can help you

A listening ear

Many people with hearing loss feel that they have lost their voices along with their hearing. Every experience of hearing loss will be different, but feeling that your audiologist is really listening to you and understanding your story is worth a great deal. A positive but realistic approach is what most patients value in their audiologist.

Facilitate access to the community

One of the biggest issues linked with hearing loss is isolation, and an audiologist can play a vital role here. Acting as a source of information about local and online resources and support is a very important way in which an audiologist can support patients.

Invest in the experience

A visit to an audiologist can be overwhelming, but certain things can really help to make it easier. Ensure that reception staff are welcoming and speak clearly, especially when making contact by phone, and technology such as a hearing loop can help to make the whole experience more manageable.

Explore potential solutions

Audiologists are problem solvers, and one of their most important roles is to find the best solutions for every patient. This involves asking questions about lifestyle and thinking about different ways to address problems, and your audiologist will probably talk to you about several different aspects of your life to see how she or he can help.

Offer up to date knowledge

Hearing technology is developing faster than many other areas of engineering, and it’s important that an audiologist stays up to date with what is on the market. Hearing aids are smaller and more discreet than ever before, and many offer additional options such as bluetooth connectivity, so you can talk to your audiologist about the best way to get the hearing experience you want in every situation.

What is it like to visit an audiologist at Hidden Hearing?

At your appointment, your hearing aid audiologist will ask you a few simple questions about your lifestyle, family history and whether you have difficulty hearing in any particular situations such as noisy public spaces.

The audiologist will then take a look inside your ears using an instrument called an otoscope, which is totally non-intrusive and is designed to ascertain whether you have any obstructions or ear infections that might be temporarily affecting your ability to hear properly.

After that, you will be asked to listen to a series of beeping sounds through the latest ear insert technology, set at different frequencies and intensity. This will ascertain if you have trouble hearing certain types of sounds which can affect your ability to hear. This part of the test is known as 'audiometry.'

You will then be presented with a list of words, usually read out by a close family member that you communicate with regularly and this will show us how you hear speech in a real-life environment. This is known as familiar voice testing, a technique pioneered by Hidden Hearing, designed to assess how well you can hear in both quiet and noisy situations.

When the check-up is over

Afterwards, the results from your check-up will be shared with you. Based on these, your hearing aid audiologist may make a number of recommendations. If hearing aids are advised, you will get a chance to have a look at the different types available to see if any meet your needs.

Once you have decided how you'd like to proceed, a separate appointment will then be booked to fit your hearing aids and help you get to grips with how they work.

 Our team of expert audiologists

Senior Audiologists


Ivor LewisIvor Lewis

Mr Ivor Lewis, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing has been an audiologist for nearly 20 years and is highly recognised as a conscientious and caring professional. Ivor has been with Hidden Hearing since 1995 and took control of the Cashel branch in 2011. This branch is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Hearing Care in Ireland.

As a fully qualified Fellowship member of both the British, and the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, he has years of advanced training both locally and nationally.

Publications included in include:

Noel Cullen

Noel Cullen has been the Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist in Abbey Street for 21 years. During this time Noel has cared for and successfully helped thousands of people with mild, moderate and profound hearing problems. Noel also has experience helping those with tinnitus, vertigo and others with medical related hearing loss.  As a fully qualified fellowship member of both the British and the Irish Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists, he has years of advanced training both locally and nationally.

His knowledge in communication disorders has helped a wide range of patients, including both adults and children with hearing loss. He provides screenings, hearing tests, aural rehabilitation and has an extensive knowledge of both conventional and digital hearing instruments.

Publications featured in include: Cork Independent, Gorey Guardian

 Jim Fulham (FSHAA, FISHAA, MIHS)Jim Fulham

Mr Jim Fulham , Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist with Hidden Hearing, has been an audiologist for the past 30 years and is highly recognised as a conscientious and caring professional. Jim has been with Hidden Hearing since 2000 and took control of the Cavan Branch in 2013. This Branch is now recognised as a Centre of Excellence for Hearing Care in Ireland.

Publications featured in include: The Irish Independent

Yvonne Doyle
Yvonne Doyle

Ms Yvonne Doyle, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist has been working with Hidden Hearing since 2011. Since joining Hidden Hearing, her Wexford Branch is recognised as a Centre of Excellence for hearing care in Ireland.

Ms Doyle won the 2017 'Irish Audiologist of the Year. The competition is organised by leading hearing aid battery manufacturer Rayovac, a division of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc., who this year welcomed a new sponsor, The European Federation of Hard of Hearing People (EFHOH), on board, joining longstanding partners Audio Infos, and the European Hearing Instrument Manufacturers Association (EHIMA). The competition relies on nominations from patients who have experienced exceptional care from their audiologist.

Yvonne Doyle was nominated by Robin, her patient who had suffered from hearing loss all his life. Robin describes how socialising was difficult because of crowd noise and he wasn’t able to listen to the radio and the classical music he used to love.

Publications Featured in include: Wexford People

Enda Dooley
Enda Dooley

Mr. Enda Dooley, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist DipHE HAA Q.M.U. has been with Hidden Hearing since 2010 and is based in our Merrion Road, Ballsbridge branch.

Mr Dooley was 1 of only 3 Audiologists in Ireland who were awarded a “Certificate of Commendation” in the Audiologist of the year competition in 2014 as well as uniquely winning the same “Certificate of Commendation Award”  (again 1 of only 3) in the “Audiologist of the year”  competition in 2016 & 2017


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