Joseph Farrell, Meath

I Started to Reclaim My Life


"A friend recommended that I go to Hidden Hearing and when I rang for my first appointment this was the minute I started to reclaim my life. There was so many things I was missing out on– things my kids were saying to me and each other, Conversations with my family and friends that I was missing out on, watching TV, even simple things like hearing the birds sing in the garden. All this seems trivial I am sure when you have your full hearing but believe you me this can be a lonely and daunting place when it’s you that is experiencing it.

Hidden hearings devices are so small and discreet nobody even knows that I am wearing them. My friends didn’t notice, my colleagues didn’t notice and my hockey team didn’t notice!] This has really helped me to accept my reality but in addition to this has returned me to the fullness of life that I knew and lived before this happened to me.  

Looking back on my journey with Hidden Hearing, wearing my hearing aids is just like putting on a jacket and heading out into the world."

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