Dr Michael Walsh, Wexford

I Would Very Much Like to Express my Appreciation


"I would very much like to express my appreciation of the treatment and service which I have received since my introduction to your company in the spring of 2017.

In April 2017, I had noticed that my hearing had diminished and was beginning to become a problem. I availed of the offer of a free hearing test as advertised by your company. I got an appointment a short time later at your Wexford clinic.

My appointment was with Mr. Enda Dooley, who took my history and carried out physical and electronic testing of my hearing. Mr. Dooley very adequately explained my problem in some depth. I appreciated this, because while I am a medical practitioner with a good understanding of the neurology and physiology involved in hearing loss, his depth of knowledge and understanding of the problem was very reassuring. 

On his advice, I agreed to be fitted with two hearing aids. These became available within two weeks and followed Mr. Dooley’s comprehensive instruction in their use and quickly became quite acclimatized to the devices.

I have now been wearing hearing aids daily for almost 2 years. The change and improvement this has made to my day-to-day life has been amazing. I now have no difficulty in hearing doorbells and when the telephones rings. The high volume setting on the television and the radio are no longer necessary. No longer have I to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. The joy of listening to classical music has returned, as I can now hear all the instruments in an orchestra.

The initial cost of the hearing aids was high. However, the re-assurance of an annual check-up and the provision of free batteries for the devices were very welcome."

In conclusion, Mr Enda Dooley is a competent and consummate professional. His ability to explain the problem of hearing loss and how it can be treated gives great confidence and reassurance to his patients.

Accordingly, I have referred several patients to him, all of whom have been very satisfied.  

Even though Mr Dooley has moved to a clinic in Merrion Road, Dublin. I continue to attend him for annual check-ups and advice".

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