Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials
Average rating for Our Testimonials, Hidden Hearing - we listen, you hear is 5 Star of 5 stars - based on 142 Reviews

Stella Joyce

I’m Just Ecstatic


"They’re a lot clearer than my last hearing aids and very comfortable and I’m just ecstatic over them"

Joan Evans

I’m Much More Confident Now


“I have two coffee mornings coming up and usually I wouldn’t go because I found it hard to chat to people. Everything seemed so loud before, and I couldn’t make out a word. I’m much more confident now with these hearing aids, and they’re so light that, other than the fact that I can now hear, I...

Timothy Fitzgerald, Cork

Thank You Hidden Hearing


"I’ve kept racing pigeons all my life, I was walking down the field one day and I saw a flock of birds and I couldn’t hear them singing and it was then that I realised that I had hearing problems. Thank you Hidden Hearing."

Terry Griffin, Artane

I Can Hear Everything, I Feel Great


“I am so grateful to Teodora the audiologist in Hidden Hearing Artane for nominating me to be part of the Campaign for Better Hearing. I would not be here speaking to you now if it weren’t for the amazing technology in these hearing devices. From having been hospitalised after my cycling accident,...

Charlie Nash, Derry

Very Professional


"I found the procedure very professional. I was worried before my appointment as I’ve gotten this procedure done before elsewhere and found it painful. I didn’t feel any pain during my procedure with my Ear Wax Removal Specialist Barry Humphreys from Hidden Hearing and felt very welcome and...

Sylvia Stewart, Swords

I am Totally Confident with Them


"You don’t realise how cut-off and vulnerable you feel when you can’t hear properly.  I was very depressed and I couldn’t see a solution, but now that has all changed for me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the tiny hearing aids; they are practically invisible, so I am totally confident with...

James Heatley, Artane

It Was the Best Birthday Present I Got


“It was the best birthday present I got. My wife was thrilled because she has been shouting at me over the tv being turned up too loud for the last couple of months. The help I’ve gotten from everyone at Hidden Hearing has been amazing. The new hearing aid will give me more confidence to go about...

Edwina Kane, Kildare

The Quality of the Hearing Aids I am Wearing are State of the Art


"The quality of the hearing aids I am wearing are state of the art. I used to back off when in group situations, I was scared to get involved in case I missed something, but with my new hearing devices I know what’s going on around me. Before this, I might not have heard something the right way...

Marna Savage, Carrickfergus

These are the Rolls Royce of Hearing Aids


“Compared to the hearing devices I have had in the past, these are the Rolls Royce of hearing aids. They are fantastic, and I have finally noticed all I have been missing out on. My life revolves around music and the church and now I can sing in tune, hear the choir and the organ, I can hear...

Christy Martyn, Galway

I Certainly Recommend Hidden Hearing


“My audiologist Mary was patient, friendly and knowledgeable. She gave me plenty of time to ask questions and could satisfy and rectify any problems that occurred. I certainly recommend Hidden Hearing and I am a satisfied customer!”

Catherine Carty, Kildare

Thank God for Hidden Hearing


“I suffer from tinnitus and a slight hearing loss. This hearing aid has given me a new lease of life. Now, when the aid is in, I can’t hear the ringing as loud as when it is not in. Thank god for Hidden Hearing!”

Nancy Foley, Wexford

Excellent and Understanding


“I am very pleased with your excellent and understanding audiologist Enda Dooley. He is very easy to become familiar with.”

Aidan O’Leary, Wexford

Kind, Helpful and very Caring


“Enda Dooley in Wexford branch is excellent, kind, helpful and very caring.”

Gerald Doyle, Wexford

Courtesy and Friendliness


“The courtesy and friendliness of the receptionists was excellent.”

Thomas O’Keeffe, Wexford

I was very Impressed


“I was very impressed with the time the audiologist, Enda Dooley, took to explain in detail everything involved.”

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