Hearing Aid Grant Entitlements In Ireland - PRSI

Hearing aid grants can be claimed once every 4 years. If you are eligible for the PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme, the Department of Welfare will pay a portion of the cost of a hearing aid. The grant available is up to a maximum of €500 for one hearing aid or up to €1,000 for two hearing aids.

The Government Grant is now available for the self-employed.

Hidden Hearing Audiologists can explain your grant entitlement and apply for the grant on your behalf. Find out if you're eligible, click here.

Worth as much as €1000 - Hearing loss is experienced by many people and some do not realise where to turn for help and advice. The special Government Grant for the hard of hearing can be worth as much as €1000 (subject to status).

Expert advice - The first step is to find out how the system works and how it could help you, or someone close to you. Your local Audiologist will be able to help you here. Hidden Hearing have been helping people enjoy improved hearing for over 25 years and are acknowledged specialists in hearing healthcare.

The PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme is a scheme run by the Department of Social Protection (DSP) that provides dental, optical and aural services to qualified people. The Treatment Benefit Scheme is available to insured workers and retired people who have the required number of PRSI contributions.

To see if you are eligible for the PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme, check out rules and contribution conditions of claiming medical & PRSI benefit for hearing aids. Alternatively contact the Department of Social Welfare directly by visiting the  Department of Social Protection or call (074) 916 4480.

Additionally you can find out more by the reviewing A Guide to claiming Health or Medical Expenses Relief from Revenue, Irish tax and customs.

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