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Hidden hearing offers award-winning hearing aid solutions from leading manufacturers. Discover how the latest hearing aid technology can change your life.

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3 benefits of quality hearing aids


Better communication
Clear tones, natural sound quality and better speech understanding.


Reduced fatigue
Less mental strain in everyday listening situations.


Reduction of unnecessary sounds
No more whistling sounds, wind and background noise.
3 benefits of quality hearing aids audiologist
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What sets quality hearing aids apart from the rest? 

Quality digital hearing aids are recommended by Hidden Hearing healthcare experts as their high-tech abilities provide the user with a wide range of benefits.

These hearing aids include the latest technology, which has a positive influence on the overall sound quality and user experience.

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High-tech features available in Hidden Hearing's hearing aid solutions

Hearing aid technology has progressed significantly over the past two decades, improving the hearing aid user’s quality of sound and overall experience. Digital technology enhancements are expected to continue to develop in the coming years - further improving the patient experience.

Why should you choose Hidden Hearing?

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Hearing aid technology and features

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360-degree sound experience
Gives you access to the relevant sounds around you, including speech, and puts you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on.
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Tinnitus support
Offers a wide range of customizable tinnitus relief sounds that are dynamic, yet soothing.
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Feedback reduction
Stops the annoying whistling sound before it occurs, so no feedback interrupts speech understanding and communication.
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Supports the brain’s natural process of making sense of all the sounds around you, thereby reducing fatigue.

BrainHearing technology

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Bluetooth connectivity
Connect to all your favourite devices easily and use your hearing aids as wireless headphones.

Bluetooth hearing aids

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Rechargeable batteries
These built-in batteries do not need to be replaced regularly. Simply charge the hearing aids in their charger at night.

Rechargeable hearing aids

What is the difference between digital hearing aids and hearing amplifiers?

Analog hearing aids (hearing amplifiers) amplify all sounds (such as speech and noise) in the same way. However, these types of hearing aids are becoming less and less common.

In contrast, digital hearing aids are more common in today’s world.

Digital hearing aids analyse speech and other environmental sounds which allow for more complex processing during the amplification process (resulting in better sound quality). This capability may improve performance in certain situations (by reducing background noise, for example).

This process makes it easier for the hearing aid user to adjust the sound to their personal preferences or individual needs. Most digital hearing aids are also programmed to adjust automatically to the sound environment.

You can use our hearing aid finder tool to find out which quality hearing aid would suit your needs:

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