A Guide to Buying Hearing Aids

When you are looking to buy a hearing aid, it is easy to feel swamped by the sheer amount of information. There are so many different types of hearing aids available and unless you know exactly what your needs are, it can seem like an impossible task - see range here.

The supply of hearing aids involves more than just the instruments themselves. You need to know what is involved and then check exactly what is covered by the price quoted.

Initial hearing consultation/test: This is the test that identifies what you can hear and of course, what you cannot. Your hearing care professional will also discuss your lifestyle to understand the problems created by your hearing loss and the improvement needed.

Hearing instruments: Digital technology has revolutionised the quality of the sound you hear and hearing aids can now be worn in the ear or just behind the ear.

Aftercare appointments: The successful use of hearing aids is dependent on the commitment of the user and the quality of support provided by the hearing care professional. Best practice includes a programme of lifelong aftercare to ensure you enjoy the full benefit of your new hearing aids. You should check that future appointments are covered by the initial price you pay, as this is not always the case.

Batteries: All modern aids are powered by tiny batteries. How long a battery lasts depends on the amount of time it is used. You normally have to buy batteries, but it is possible that the price of your hearing aids includes batteries. Hidden Hearing offer free batteries for life.

Guarantee: All hearing aids carry a manufacturer’s guarantee but the period of that cover can vary. Sometimes you will find your hearing aids can be guaranteed for 2, 3 or even 4 years. You need to know if you have a good guarantee. Hidden Hearing offer a 4 year guarantee on all its hearing aids.

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