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Oticon More™

The world's first hearing aid proven to support the brain’s natural way of organising and processing sounds.The groundbreaking technology in Oticon More™ enables you to hear more details, understand more and remember more with less effort.

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Oticon’s most intelligent hearing aid technology - Better speech understanding - Bluetooth connectivity - Rechargeable batteries
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 The most popular technology and features in Oticon More™

In addition to getting the most out of every listening situation, Oticon More™ delivers the following:
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Bluetooth connectivity
The Oticon More includes Bluetooth connectivity, meaning that you can pair your hearing aid to your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone and hear sound directly through your hearing aids.

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Rechargeable batteries
The fully rechargeable Oticon More means you never have to fuss with batteries again! Just 3 hours charge gives you a full day's power. The recharging station is simple to use and you can save money on batteries over time.

Rechargeable hearing aids

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BrainHearing technology
Delivers more sound to the brain with improved sound clarity, speech understanding and reduced listening effort.


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Deep Neural Network
This intelligent technology helps your brain to access a complete and balanced sound scene.
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Remote Support
Connect to the Oticon More app from the comfort of your home and adjust the volume level on your hearing aids, check your battery level or even find your hearing aids!
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Artificial Intelligence
The Oticon More uses artificial intelligence to increase speech understanding, balancing speech and background noise and allowing you to hear better than ever before. 
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Better listening experience with BrainHearing™

Traditional hearing aids are designed to focus on sounds coming from in front of you. Oticon More™ is the world's first hearing aid that gives the brain the full sound perspective, allowing you to hear more sounds around you. More benefits include:

  • Follow multiple conversations and choose what to focus on.
  • Access and make sense of meaningful sounds in your surroundings.
  • Receive an unparalleled understanding of speech in noisy environments.
  • Hear more with less effort.
  • Automatically adapt to the sound in your surroundings and receive a personalised listening experience.

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“When we were out on social occasions, he would start raising his voice. I told him what I would do is tap his elbow and that would let him know, drop your voice or you’re going to blow everybody out of it” 

Mary and Stephen O'Neill
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