World’s first hearing aid that provides access to the full sound scene

The ground-breaking technology within Oticon More has learned to recognise all types of sounds, their details, and how they should ideally sound – including speech. This is possible thanks to Polaris TM, the most intelligent platform ever developed by Oticon

Oticon More has been developed according to the Oticon BrainHearing™ philosophy. It has been designed to deliver more sound to the brain that's much clearer, all while improving speech understanding and reducing listening effort.

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The benefits of Oticon More hearing aid technology


15% increased speech understanding*2

60% clearer sound scene*1

*compared to Oticon Opn S

30% more sound delivered to the brain


Improve your everyday life with Oticon More

On top of getting the best out of every listening situation, Oticon More delivers the following:


Bluetooth connectivity

connect directly to your favourite devices

Discreet style

Sits discreetly behind the ear and is available in 8 colours

Rechargeable battery

easy-to-use, quick recharge, eco-friendly

Remote support

Connect to your audiologist from the comfort of your own home




Better listening experience with BrainHearing technology


Traditional hearing aids are designed to focus solely on speech coming from in front of you. Oticon More is the world's first hearing aid giving the brain the full perspective which has the following benefits:

  • Follow multiple conversations and choose what to focus on
  • Access and make sense of meaningful sounds in your surroundings
  • Receive an unparalleled understanding of speech in noisy environments
  • Hear more with less effort
  • Automatically adapt to your sound surroundings and receive a personalised listening experience


A leap into the future: More detail. More clarity. More focus.



Oticon More is the first hearing aid in the world to use deep learning, which is the most powerful benefit of artificial intelligence. It is also the world’s first hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN). This network was trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes by recording sound scenes from the real world.

Oticon More Testimonial

I'm struggling to find the words to describe how impressed I am with the Oticon More. I'm not often speechless but believe me I was when I wore them. In particular the clarity of speech, even from people chatting across the street, was really next level compared with my current devices. In summary, when you removed the aids I felt as if my world, which had come so alive for a half hour or so, was muted. I cannot tell you how excited I am and I'm already looking forward to telling Alexa to play some 80s music and enjoying the full sounds and lyrics of my teenage years again. Ruth Mullan, Limerick


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