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Hearing tests, hearing aids and earwax removal in Artane

Welcome to our Hidden Hearing clinic in Artane. Hidden Hearing is Ireland’s leading provider of hearing healthcare. With over 30 years’ experience, our purpose is to create life-changing hearing health for those with hearing loss and to realise our vision of helping more people hear better.

At our hearing clinic in Artane we can help with the following;

  • You think you may have hearing loss

  • You have a loved one that may have hearing loss

  • You need help adjusting your current hearing aids
  • You are interested in new hearing aids
  • You can book a quick and easy earwax removal service

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You can call us on 01 818 7434 or book an appointment online. An appointment with our hearing aid audiologist is free of charge and with no obligation.

When should you consider getting a hearing test in our clinic in Artane?

We recommend booking a free hearing test if:

  • You have difficulties following a group conversation
  • You often ask people to repeat themselves
  • Your friends and family say you turn the television up too loud
  • You have difficulties following phone conversations

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It is important to remember that hearing loss often happens gradually, and it might be difficult for you to notice changes in your hearing. The examples provided above are signs of hearing loss, and if you experience one or more of them, we recommend getting your hearing tested.

Why should you consider taking a hearing test?
If you experience symptoms of hearing loss or if a friend or loved one recognises that you have signs of hearing loss, we advise getting your hearing tested as soon as possible. Even in cases of mild hearing loss, it is advantageous to be proactive and seek treatment as early as possible (since hearing loss can worsen if it is left untreated). After all, your sense of hearing gives you the ability to connect with the world around you.

Earwax removal in Artane

We also offer an earwax removal service, so if you need to get wax removed, you can contact us to book an earwax removal appointment in our hearing clinic.
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Hearing aids in Artane

At our Artane clinic, we offer modern hearing aids with the latest technological advancements; they are more discreet and advanced than ever before.

Have you used (or do you currently use) hearing aids?
The hearing aid audiologists in our Artane clinic can introduce you to the latest hearing aids available so that you can learn about the newest technologies on the market. Hearing aid technology advances every year, with each new advancement bringing you closer and closer to normal hearing levels.

If you experience that you're not hearing as well as you used to with your current hearing aids, our experts might be able to offer some adjustments to your hearing aids to improve your experience.

Audiologist in Artane

Hidden Hearing audiologists in our Artane clinic receive regular training in order to keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in modern hearing care technology. During your appointment, one of our experts will educate you about the hearing aid solutions available to you.

All Hidden Hearing Dublin audiologists are licensed to provide expert professional hearing care so that you can trust that you are receiving professional, high-quality care.
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Hearing aid repair in Artane

Our clinic coordinators are happy to help provide hearing aid repair services and maintenance.

If your hearing aids are in need of repair, drop in at your local hearing clinic (or book an appointment) to get your hearing aids repaired.

Use our hearing clinic locator to find other Hidden Hearing clinics.
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" I have been a client of Hidden Hearing’s for over 6 years and am now wearing my third pair of hearing aids. I appreciate not only the marvelous power of these hearing aids. I felt immense relief that the burden of fear of not understanding what was being said.. person to person, in groups or on the phone was lifted and I could take my place in society with confidence and pleasure. Also the after-care I received, the understanding, kindness and courtesy. I always make a point in recommending you to everyone."
Patricia Moran

"I just want to leave an honest 5 star appreciation for the staff of Hidden Hearing Artane, Barry and Anita.

We put off this hearing test for my father for literally a couple of years. It was big deal and eventually we just went in after a welcoming chat from Anita. When we met her she was super friendly and then we met Barry. This guy Barry is a total professional. From the second we met him he put me and my Dad at complete ease. Barry knows his job and the sensitivity attached to high level of perfection. He took his time explaining the science behind the test and results and simplified everything down until he felt my dad had understood EVERYTHING. I can't fault Barry's commitment to doing such a perfect job. It's rare these days to get someone to take their time to such an extent and be so thorough while being very human in his approach. Fair play to Barry and I wish him the best. Top man.

If you are nervous at all about getting your hearing looked at look no further. These guys in Artane, Barry and Anita are an old school class act. Thanks again guys."


38 reviews
Mark Kearney

I’m very tardy putting up my review, apologies Barry and Anita. I’ve nothing but praise for both. I was well aware neede...

I’m very tardy putting up my review, apologies Barry and Anita. I’ve nothing but praise for both. I was well aware needed aids for years after a formal assessment a number of years ago. Knowing the loss was getting worse, had a session with Barry and precisely diagnosed the issue. Test set in the session were a wow, I could hear again 🙏. Purchased Oticon digital, all cheaper options discussed, there was no pressure on choice. Since purchase service has been great. Anita’s welcome, smile and help with minor wiring replacement a couple of times a great help to a ‘rookie’ like myself. HH Artane highly recommended, thanks both of you 👍

a month ago
John Nolan

Unbelievably good experience at Hidden Hearing Artane. Great service from Audiologist Barry.Very patient with me. Gave m...

Unbelievably good experience at Hidden Hearing Artane. Great service from Audiologist Barry.Very patient with me. Gave me great confidence.

a month ago
Peter Timmons

Staff very friendly

3 weeks ago
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