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Enda Dooley

Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist at Hidden Hearing
Mr. Enda Dooley, Senior Hearing Aid Audiologist DipHE HAA Q.M.U. has been with Hidden Hearing since 2010 and is based in our Merrion Road, Ballsbridge branch.

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Do you think that you may need a hearing test? When you book a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing, we will encourage you to bring someone with you to the appointment.

We know that having someone else attend your hearing test with you will help you to concentrate and make it easier to remember what you have been told about your hearing and the options you have. We always recommend that you bring a partner, friend or relative along to your appointment in order to help you throughout the process. 

Bring partner to hearing test

Why Bring a Partner to Your Hearing Test?

It can be very helpful to have your spouse or partner with you at your hearing test, because he or she has a good insight into your every day experience, how this has changed, and how it may impact on those around you. Recent studies suggest that married people enjoy better health outcomes than those who are not married, and one possibility here is that the mutual support from a spouse, and sharing a living space on a daily basis, can help to protect your health and wellbeing.

Of course, if you are not married, a good social network can bring you many of the same benefits for your health and wellbeing, and cultivating good friendships and support from relatives can help in many ways. Hearing loss is often isolating, and it can be difficult to overcome this, but be aware that your general health and your hearing health are linked, and do not be afraid to seek help from your loved ones.

The Potential Effects of Hearing Loss

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It is very common for people with hearing loss to avoid seeking help for the condition, and this can be especially detrimental if hearing loss is untreated for a long period of time. Hearing loss is linked to dementia and depression, although these symptoms can be reversed in the early stages if hearing loss is treated. Many people worry about the stigma of wearing hearing aids, and do not realise that modern hearing aids are small and highly sensitive devices that cannot normally be seen by others.

A recent study into the impact of hearing loss on personal relationships suggests that partners are a particularly important source of support when an individual is experiencing hearing loss. In many cases, partners are the first to mention that hearing loss appears to be developing, and this can be life changing.

There are potential difficulties for people with hearing loss that include problems with communication and impact on social activities, and these may cause difficulties in relationships. Having a supportive network of close family and friends who can help you to navigate the world and adapt to using hearing aids can be invaluable.

What Happens at a Hearing Test?

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A hearing test can be a nerve-wracking prospect if you have never had one before, and having a loved one to support you can be very helpful. This will also make it easier to double check your answers and to remember what was said during the appointment. Our experienced audiologists and hearing care professionals understand that attending a hearing test can be stressful, and they will help to put you at your ease throughout the process.

At your hearing test, you will talk with your audiologist about your hearing experience and how your hearing has changed. Your audiologist will carry out a hearing test to establish how your ears are working together and what sort of sounds you may be missing, and the results of this test will inform any recommendations or advice that you are given.

How can I Help a Loved One with Hearing Loss?

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Do you think that a loved one may be experiencing hearing loss? Here at Hidden Hearing, we recommend having a regular hearing test in order to establish a baseline hearing level and monitor how your hearing changes as you age. If you have never had a hearing test, it can be difficult to work out the extent of your hearing loss.

If you think that someone you love is experiencing hearing loss, you may have noticed changes in the way he or she hears or speaks. Perhaps you have noticed your partner listening to the radio or television at a higher volume than before, for instance. You can find a checklist of signs of hearing loss here, and you should be prepared to talk to your loved ones about your concerns if you notice any of these.

Hearing aids have always been revolutionary for those living with hearing loss, but the hearing experiences that can be achieved with modern digital hearing aids is truly impressive. If you or a loved one are noticing signs of hearing loss, you should seek advice from an audiologist as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration and to find the best possible solution for you.

Find The Best Hearing Aid For You At Hidden Hearing

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Developing hearing loss can be worrying, especially if you are concerned about having to wear hearing aids. Hidden Hearing is the leading private provider of hearing care solutions in Ireland, with a national network that includes over eighty branches and clinics. Our team of experienced audiologists will take the time to listen to you and discuss your hearing experience with you, and if you would benefit from hearing aids, we will help you to find the very best options for you and your lifestyle.

You can book a free hearing test with our audiology team, and you can bring a friend or family member to assist you throughout the process. Our hearing aid packages make even the most advanced hearing technology accessible to all budgets, and we include all of your aftercare and troubleshooting appointments so that you have all the support you need, close at hand.

Hearing aids can be life changing, and you are sure to find multiple benefits to wearing yours once you have adjusted to using them. Untreated hearing loss can lead to many other concerns, so it is very important to seek help for yourself or a loved one as soon as you notice hearing loss. We have an excellent range of digital hearing aids for you to try, including in-the-ear models that are invisible to others, so simply call us today to book your free hearing test.


A Good Support Network is Great for Your Hearing!
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A Good Support Network is Great for Your Hearing!
Do you think that you may need a hearing test? When you book a free hearing test with Hidden Hearing, we will encourage you to bring someone with you to the appointment.
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Hidden Hearing
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